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Best Grammar Checker Tool Online

The advancement of technology has introduced online tools that make it possible to publish or submit assignments with 100% originality. Grammarly is the most popular tool for freelance writers, students, and academic instructors.

If you're looking for an easy way to improve your writing, consider using Grammarly online. This word-processing application has comprehensive grammar, spelling and punctuation checkers. It scans a piece of text for errors and highlights errors in conventions. Even better, it's free. You can use it online or download its desktop applications for Windows and macOS.

What is a spelling and grammar checker?

A spelling and grammar checker is a program or part of a program that attempts to find grammatical errors in written text. These errors include improper sentence structure, misspelt words, incorrect word usage (using their instead of there), and incorrect punctuation. Grammar checkers are often a feature of a larger program, such as a word processor, but may be offered as a standalone application. Some free grammar checkers will also check phrasing, consistency of style, and active and passive voice and perform readability tests.

A grammar checker uses natural language processing and grammatical rules to identify misspellings and other language errors. For example, a grammar checker takes each sentence within a text, looks up each word in its comprehensive dictionary, and attempts to parse the sentence into a form that matches correct grammar. The parsing process detects words that fail to follow accepted usage.

Why is grammar checking necessary for academic work?

Editing and proofreading are essential writing tasks required after completing each academic assignment- be it a dissertation or an essay. Free grammar checker online and corrector help to find and replace all grammatical errors found in the text, such as spelling, punctuation, word choice, and many more. It eases the student's correction work and increases the quality in 10 minutes.

Features of free online grammar checker


When you start dealing with redundancy, it takes a lot of time. This is because you have to read between the lines. Redundancy reduces the quality of the document. The reader also gets frustrated seeing the same idea, sentence and words unnecessarily in the paper. Take a look at the example.

Improper punctuation

Too many students take punctuation errors lightly, and as a result, their professors lower their marks. Grammar Checker free Tool becomes essential as many students need to use punctuation marks properly. They often put commas instead of periods and vice versa.

Inaccurate Verbs & Tenses

95% of students use grammar checker-free tools to deal with incorrect verbs and tenses. But unfortunately, they have poor grammar skills, and because of this, they fail to use correct tenses and verbs. But excellent marks can be given only when the paper is free from all grammatical errors.

Active and Passive Voice Errors

Generally, sentences with active voice are considered better as they are direct and simple. You can summarize the exact meaning by writing in active voice. Passive voice sentences, on the other hand, are complicated and can confuse the reader. But many students cannot write in active voice because they do not know grammar. The example below will help you properly know the difference between active and passive voice.

Benefits of Grammar checker online

Time saver

The grammar check tool saves a lot of time for the readers as manual proofreading is very time-consuming. Hence this remedy is beneficial for those people who are busy all the time. It helps such people to save time indirectly.

Improve the functionality of existing word processors

Grammar checkers are commonly added to word processors to enhance the functionality of existing programs further. The grammar check tool usually allows individuals to compose their work without any English language errors. In addition, the grammar check tool allows you to spot syntax errors so that your final work is 100% error-free.

Conceptual education

Grammar Check Tool allows you to build a strong foundation in English language. It will break down your content into smaller parts, identify grammatical and spelling errors in the work you have produced, revise it as well as proofread it. As a result, these tools help you to improve your English skills.


The grammar check tool features instant proofreading. This type of software will eliminate all contextual, spelling and grammatical errors from your work. Unlike a traditional word grammar checker such as Microsoft Word's Grammar Checker, such tools have fewer limitations and more editing options.

Are free online grammar checkers accurate?

Yes, free grammar checkers online are accurate because of their ease of use. Many users, especially professional writers, find it the most user-friendly proofreading tool on the market. Whether on desktop or mobile, Grammarly is convenient for ordinary people.

It is for all those who want to improve their writing skills by making their work more engaging and concise. You can use Grammarly to avoid typos, follow grammar rules, or check for plagiarism.

Why do you need a Grammar Checker?

Learn and correct grammar

We have listed several benefits of learning grammar. But, a great and clear way to learn, improve and enhance grammar is by using the best grammar checker online. Whatever you type, just use a grammar checker, and you'll quickly spot the most grammatical errors in your document.

You will come to know about the frequent grammar errors, and you will start working on them. It is also helpful when sending an email, documenting or submitting an assignment.

When you have a grammar checker, you don't need to risk sending a text that includes silly grammar mistakes.

Increase readability

It's best to write daily by email, posting your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter, or writing a formal letter. For your writing to be fluent and legible, you must communicate clearly and use correct grammar; This includes proper punctuation, which can make a difference in the meaning of a sentence. Some typical examples are "A woman: without her, the man is nothing" and "A woman, without her man, is nothing."

Word choice

Choosing the right word or words to convey a message can make the difference between a boring message and a powerful one. The specific meanings and connotations of words greatly affect the perspective of the reader or listener. This can be seen when you think about the emotional impact of words like "skinny," "slim," and "skeletal." While the meaning of each of these words is roughly the same, the sentiment behind each is quite different.

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