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To gain a competitive advantage in the market, it is essential to be out there to be noticed. Various mediums are present that can get you to outshine everyone, like audio, videos and texts. Writing is an art that converts your thoughts, ideas and experiences into words. Article writing is the technique that covers the content that you find around you-be it magazines, newspapers and even the internet.

In the world where content plays a significant role in deciding the success of people, this article would guide you through some aspects of article writing like:

  1. Features of a good article

  2. Types of article content

  3. If not you, who can write it and their average pay scale.



      An article is an exciting piece of information written over several platforms. It can be found on the internet, in a newspaper column or in any other print media. The primary aim of an article is to make the writer's thoughts available to the public. The interests, content and relevance of the article depend on the target audience that it has to cater to.

To connect with its target audience, the article's write-up should be creative, original, and of relevance to the audience. It should be written and formed well.  To do so, it should be readable and engaging.

What makes the article readable and exciting?

  • An article should have a catchy hook that grabs the readers or even information seekers towards it.

  •  Creative language should be maintained throughout the article so that the reader doesn’t get bored and exits without thoroughly reading it.

  • An article can be informative, entertaining or even persuasive depending upon its purpose.

  • It should be broken into small paragraphs of 4-5 lines. Essential words should be highlighted to help the reader scan through the article.

It is essential to understand the topic you wish to write about and form an outline of the article. Then, depending on the content you write, the article can be categorized into several types and the type of writer it needs. Naturally, the more experienced the writer, the higher would be their pay.

What are the types of articles, and who can write them?

  1. Low-End content:

Straightforward content doesn't need deep research requires high-end materials. Instead, relevant content backed up with images or data will suffice to address the target audience.

  1. Simple, No Frills content:

      These articles also don’t require any edits and are written by native English speakers

  1. Well-Researched content:

      Article written with the sole purpose of giving high-end information to the readers require multiple reviews and has to be edited exclusively by a well-experienced writer

  1. High-Quality Content:

    It depends on the platform on which it is going to be featured. This article requires industrial experts with a lot of experience in the writing industry to curate the content.

How much should be paid to the writers?

Type of content


Low-End content

$5 for 500 words

Simple, No Frills content

$50 for 500 words

Well-Researched content

$100 for 500 words

High-Quality content

$250 for 500 words

To wrap up, article writing is the primary writing format of any content. To deal with the pressures of staying relevant and standing out compared to your competitors, content is the means to your end. The more creative, original and impactful the article, the higher are the chances for that business to flourish. 

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