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Issues in human resource management Assignment Help

As human resource management is a fairly new branch in the organization sector, there are many issues and challenges that one might face in human resource management. A developing branch of management, it faces many challenges because the dynamics of the work environment and the environment as a whole change leading to issues in HRM due to the revised and new methods that companies have to adopt in HRM to keep up with the changes.

Many questions are generally asked when talking about the issues in HRM and such questions along with their answers are provided below:

List the ethical issues in HRM

The ethical issues in HRM include but are not restricted to:

  • Privacy issues

  • Issue regarding race

  • Gender issues

  • Disability issues

  • Recruitment issues

  • Employment issues

  • Issues regarding the plans of cash and compensation

  • Employee responsibility issues

  • Performance appraisal issues

  • Safety and health issues

  • Issues regarding restructuring

  • Issues arising due to dismissals and layoffs

  • Professional training issues

List the emerging issues of HRM

Emerging issues are those issues that are being faced by various organizations over the past few decades in relation to HRM. These issues include but are not limited to:

  • Technology changes

  • Economic conditions

  • Social conditions

  • Political changes

  • Labour legislation changes

  • Workforce diversity

  • Levels of education of individuals

  • Corporate reorganization

  • Competitive advantage

  • Work life quality

List the HRM issues that are faced by HR professionals.

The HR professionals are responsible for recruiting and selecting employees that meet the organization’s requirement and subsequently ensure that they are being treated well and are growing at the work place. 

This job of the HR professionals is full of hardships and they face many issues like:

  • Workforce diversity management

  • Meeting employee aspirations

  • Empowering employees

  • Human relations management

  • Personnel policies as well as programs that are dynamic

  • Building an organization that is responsive

  • Creating a work culture that is dynamic

  • Building up the core competence

  • Creation of competitive advantage

  • Outsourcing of the HRM functions

List the current issues of HRM.

The current issues of HRM according to the year 2020 are:

  • Top talent attraction

  • Embracing change

  • Developing leaders

  • Developing a culture that is based on continuous learning

  • Managing diversity

  • Monitoring the health and safety of the members of the organization

  • Creating a quality experience for the employee 

Understanding the issues in HRM helps a student to understand the importance of all these issues and how these issues can affect the working and profitability of an organization.

It is through these issues that the actual importance of human resource management can be understood and this is the basic aim of all the assignments assigned to a student on the topic of issues in human resource management that the students develop these understandings.

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Issues in human resource management Assignment Help Sample

Q1: Discuss the elements of the career planning program. Tell an organization about some of the benefits of a career planning program.

Answer: Personal assessment Personal assessment of abilities, interests, career needs, and goals is a process of self-exploration and analysis. Self-assessment exercises often guide individuals.   ...

Q2: What are the benefits and goals of employee welfare measures?

Answer: Employee welfare aims to improve the lives of the working class; holistic development of the worker's personality, etc. Therefore, employee welfare is in the interest of the employee, the employer ...

Q3: Influence of welfare measures on the quality of performance of employees with particular reference to the construction industry  

Answer: Employees who feel appreciated will be more comfortable, satisfied, and exuberant. This leads to higher productivity and improves the quality of performance, which helps capture the market share that ...

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