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     E-commerce is the process by which we buy or sell goods (products) or services online or even transmitting the funds online over the internet (a virtual platform)
Types of E-commerce:

E-commerce is widely classified into four major categories. They are

Business to business (B2B)
Business to consumer (B2C)
Consumer to consumer (C2C)
Consumer to business (C2B)

Business to business: (B2B)

Business to business transaction is where one business sources products to the other business. The example for a business to business transaction is mail chimp. Mail chimp is a marketing automation platform designed and developed for businesses using email. They sell custom email templates, automate your entire marketing campaign.

Business to consumer (B2C)

Business to consumer transaction is a popular e-commerce activity where a business sells its product or services to consumers directly. An Example for B2C is Amazon. A few other examples are Walmart and Alibaba
Consumer to consumer:
     Consumer to consumer is a business model whereby the customers/consumers can trade with each other, typically in an online environment through classifieds or auctions. A few examples of the C2C business model is eBay, Etsy or Craigslist

Consumer to Business (C2B)

An example for a consumer to business model is where a chef (food blogger) allows a food company to advertise their product on their blog thus promoting it
        A celebrity endorsing a famous cloth brand on their personal blog thus taking the product to the reach of a larger audience.
How is E-commerce content curated? : 
Focus on the audience:
    Clear product description has to be written for each item that gives a good clarity to the customers regarding the product as well as educating them on the purpose of the product. The consumers who buys things online doesn’t have the possibility of trying the product so there is a necessity for building a trust among them
Including testimonials:
      The testimonials can rightly do the work of building trust among the customers. So it is better or the best approach to include text or video testimonials around the product.
Word count: 
     Long form content serves the purpose for the product description as it allows Google to ensure that you really are into the business and would enable you to reach your target audience. A maximum of 300 words is a good word count.
Duplicating the content:
    Never copy the text from another website as it may take out the good will of the consumers. The consumers visit multiple websites and they have the right to know what is unique about the product that they are about to buy. So a clear, unique and generous description would definitely do more good to the product reach and would surely take up the rankings according to Google’s algorithm

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