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1. For developing the fitness program, one should follow these few steps. The first one is
that one needs to assess the fitness level. The scores should be calculated to allow the
goal-oriented fitness program to be planned. It is essential to create a healthy routine for
aerobic activity. It is necessary to gather equipment such as shoes and machines. The
fitness test should be performed after beginning the exercises. New goals can be set
whenever required.
2. As we all know that traditional medicine is very different from conventional medicine
for generations. The one difference that makes both of them different is the way of
detection of the illness and health. Traditional medicine is practiced in society because it
differs in different cultures by practice. Modern medicine is checked scientifically but
does not take the religious and psychological beliefs of a patient into account.
3. The traditional model of medicine is more favorable to exercise therapy because it
reduces the risk of side effects.

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