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Nursing assignment help

Nursing Assignment writing help – Value assignment help writing services

Role of Nurse: Record Medical history and diagnosis

  • Collaborate with team to plan for patient care
  • Advocate for health and patient well being
  • Monitor patient health and record good signs
  • Administer medications and treatments
  • Operate medical types of equipment
  • Perform diagnosis test
  • Educate patients about the management of illness
  • Provide support and advice to patients

Evolution and Origin of nursing: the term nursing defines as the profession or practice of providing care for the sick and infirm. The person who is involved in this process is termed a Nurse. The history of nursing dates back to ancient times when one took care of the sick, newborn or infirm.

Types of Nursing Nursing Assignment writing help – Value assignment help writing services:

Ophthalmic Nursing: This nursing deals with the treatment of patients with eye disease and injuries. The most common eye diseases are blindness, cataracts, and macular degeneration, and nearsightedness.

Community health nursing: is also known as public health nursing. It is a combination of primary healthcare and nursing practice in a community setting. They provide various health-related services to communities and the public, such as preventive care and health and education.

Cancer Nursing: it is used to treat cancer-related patients. It covers all kinds of cancer among humans. This nursing helps in the early detection and prevention of cancer patients.

Psychiatric Nursing: it is also known as mental health nursing. It deals with mental health and cares for people of all ages who are experiencing mental illness and mental disorders.

Neurological Nursing: it is also known as neuroscience nursing. It deals with the prevention and treatment of conditions that are related to the nervous system. The nervous system includes spinal cords and brain nerves.

Topics covered in Nursing: Nursing Assignment writing help – Value assignment help writing services

Critical thinking: it is an essential topic in nursing. Critical thinking includes judgment intention on the reflection of social benefits and reactions to scrutiny. It is also connected with the definition of the value and content of an object for observation.

Midterm theory and development: Development theory defines that individuals recover reliant on face-to-face periods for their civilizations awareness and form. Development nursing theory has eight development stages over the lifetime that scope from life origination until expiration. Influencing the future of healthcare and Nursing: Local, state, and federal legislation plays an essential role in healthcare and Nursing.

Spiritual requirement assessment: some disease needs medicine as well as physical strength. In this assessment, we discuss topics such as patients can develop anger, feeling of happiness, sadness while their treatment is going on. So in this chapter students can learn these changes, feelings to develop feeling physical changes in the patient minds nursing dissertations.

Controlling Pain: in this chapter, the nursing student can learn about pain management in patients.

Health care system: it includes various hospitals healthcare systems such as how much cost taken by the network, providing best care service for patients and all other types of information related to health care system also included.

Survey questionnaire: in this section, students attempt the survey questionnaire related to the nursing, healthcare system, and connected to patient care.

Euthanasia: it is also known as an act of deliberately and intentional behavior of killing while suffering from sickness or illness.

Nursing care: nursing deals with several care concepts and principles associated with nursing care. Health promotion, prenatal, risk assessments are the topics covered in these chapters.

Behavioural Health nursing

There are varieties of topics about some tools like biofeedback, behavior modification, relaxation techniques, post-surgical care, neurological position, etc. Nursing ethics: It is a branch of ethics that deals explicitly with medical ethics and principles like beneficence, malfeasance, and reverence for autonomy Mental Health involves providing care to patients with mental health issues.

Maternal and newborn nursing medico-legality involves the study of various regulations, laws, and policies mandated by the nursing regulating authority of a country.

Pharmacology: This deals with the understanding of the effects of different drugs and how it affects the human body along with their side effects. Physiology: It deals with the scientific study of bodily mechanisms and their correlation with the life system.

Learning Outcomes: Nursing Assignment writing help – Value assignment help writing services

Meet the requirements for registration as general nurses with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

Deliver nursing care as safe and therapeutic practitioners based on justifiable decisions derived from clinical reasoning and the best available evidence, taking account of the broader contexts of health and health care critically reflect on their practice.

  • Base their nursing practice on a holistic understanding of a person's health status within their social context.
  • Practice with an understanding of knowledge from supporting psycho-social and science disciplines.
  • Apply the principles and processes of nursing Inquiry
  • Engage in research activities that promote and improve nursing practice and the profession.
  • Adapt their nursing practice to the requirements of any situation: individual or Group.
  • Nursing Assignment writing help – Value assignment help writing services

Question: How as either a profession or a discipline, has been shaped by the social and cultural changes that have occurred over the last 200 years.

2. Nurses in Australia are members of a regulated profession. Please discuss the importance of regulation and explore why regulation is necessary due to the nature of nursing work. 

3 there are ten national safety and quality health services standards, which were developed by the Australian Commission on safety and quality in health care. Please discuss at least two standards as they relate to nursing and explain why it is essential that nurses are aware of the quality and safety frameworks that govern nursing practice.

 4. Select an influential figure from nursing, past or present. Explain the significance of this individual, including their contribution to the profession and discipline, how they created change and their lasting legacy on nursing. 

5. Select a nursing theorist, and discuss how they have made a significant contribution to society or the advancement of nursing.

 6. Discuss the role of virtue ethics in the formation of nurses' professional identity

7. Nursing has been subject to many stereotypes.

Answer: Over the last 200 years, nurses shaped the health care profession. It is a profession in the health care sector that focused on the care of the individuals, families, and communities so the patient may attain, recover, and quality of life. Nurses may be different from other health care, provided by their approach to patient care, training, and scope of practice. Nurses develop a plan of care, working in collaboration with physicians, therapists the patient, patient family, and other team member that focus on treating illness to improve quality of life. Nurses may help coordinate the patient care performed by another member of the multidisciplinary health care teams such as therapists, medical practitioners,s and dieticians. Nurses provide care both interdependently, for example, with physicians and independently as the nursing profession.

2. Australia is a developed country, and it has advanced health care systems. Nurses in Australia are a member of an organized profession. Nursing regulation is a vital thing in the nursing profession. Because the nursing practice has an essential impact on the health care, delivery patient safety, and patient outcomes. If we talk about Nursing regulation, it is the governmental oversight provided for nursing practice in each state. Now Nursing is regulated. Because it is only a single health care profession that poses a risk of being qualified.

3. Australian commission developed ten national safety and quality health services. These standards are listed below:

  • Governance for safety and quality in health service organized.
  • Partnering with consumers
  • Preventing and controlling healthcare-associated infections.
  • Patient identification and procedure matching
  • Clinical handover
  • Blood and blood products
  • Preventing and managing injuries 
  • Recognizing and responding to clinical deterioration in acute health care.
  • Preventing falls and harm from falls.

Here all the standards are related to nursing. But mainly the two rules that relate to nursing are preventing and controlling healthcare-associated infections and patient identification and procedure matching. The avoid and controlling healthcare-associated standard described the system and strategies to avoid the contamination of patients within the health care systems and to manage infections effectively when they occur to minimize the consequences. In-Patient identification and procedure are matching; it describes the method and strategies to identify patients and correctly match their identity with the correct treatment. Both of the standards are essential in nursing. Nursing gives care to patients, and nurses need to work on quality parameters, give proper treatment and care to patients. Patient safety is the cornerstone of high-quality health care.

4. Nurses are members of the health care system. They provide health services to the patients. And in changing, world nurses need ethical knowledge for appropriate performance management the situations and providing safe and ethical services. In the past time, nurses are also provided care to the patient, but at that time they have less knowledge of the instrument, and they don't train under the specialization, but at the present time, modern nursing is complex over changing and multi-focused. Nurses not only work in hospitals, but they provide independent care to the patients. An individual also adapts interpersonal skills and communication skills.

5. In modern health care nursing theories assist the nurses by offering several theories, different strategies. As today an educated nurse train the next generation. They are responsible for future nurses with a key component so that the nurses can utilize the methods that best fit inpatient care needs. There are so many theories that lead approaches, offering meaningful insight that accommodates individual health care needs and interests. We here discussed Leininger's culture care theory. This theory believes that culture, together with care is a powerful construct that is important to health and prosperity. Madeleine Leininger founded the culture care theory during her long career as a certified nurse, author, educator. This theory addresses the care of the patients of diverse cultures in hospitals, clinics, and other community setting to help nurses and nurse educators develop a new comprehensive care practice that effectively serves the unique cultural demand of the ill. This theory is mainly based on four tents.

Cultural care practice is inherently diverse. Culture care is strongly influenced by relevant aspects of an individual, ethnic history, language, environment. The culture-based idea of care, medication health factors.

These 3 transcultural modes of actions like cultural preservation, cultural accommodation, cultural repatterning.

6. role of virtue ethics in the formation of nurses professional: firstly understand virtue ethics. It is normative ethical stories that emphasize the virtue of mind, character, and sense of honesty. In the nursing profession, the main concern of morality is the development of good interpersonal responses. View satisfactory nursing ethics should focus on the person and character traits rather than the actions. Virtue is important because it is the link between individual choices and our developing moral capacity.

7. A stereotype widely held and fixed notion of a specific type of person and often oversimplified and can be offensive. The stereotype of people and groups are harmful, especially when they lack information. Nursing as a profession has been stereotyped throughout history. This generalized perception of the nursing profession has aided in the misrepresentation of nurses in the media as well as the mischaracterization of nurses in the eye of the public.


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Nursing assignment help Sample

Q3: What is the role of nursing?

Answer: A nurse is the caregiver of patients and helps manage physical needs, prevent illness, and treat health conditions. To do this, they need to observe and monitor the patient, recording any relevant inf ...