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In the era where everybody's life is hectic, it becomes difficult for people to stay up-to-date, gain the knowledge they want or even go out and buy the stuff they need. Here is where website content writing comes into play! With the immense competition out in the world for online businesses and websites, it is essential that your website stands out and impacts the user’s mind. 

Helping you out with website content writing, this article will talk about:

  1. What should the website content contain?

  2. Pointers for writing a good website content – The Do’s and Dont’s

  3. Different types of website content – All text can become dull for the user


Every person in the country has access to the internet today, making the world a much smaller place. Everybody has the means to read and gather knowledge across various mediums. Onlookers can even buy anything from anywhere in the world while sitting at home. With the amount of content present on the internet, it is easier to get away unnoticed. 

Being relevant – both visually and textually is of utmost importance today. Having unique content is precisely the thing that can make you stand out and get heavy traffic on your website resulting in higher revenues.

Website Content should contain:

  • The purpose behind your whole website is what your services or products are about, your company's goal, and how it came into being.

  • The most important thing to keep in mind is that the website content should be user friendly. You may lose a potential client if they do not understand your website or know what to do and where to navigate.

  • Visuals like graphic images, highlighted images and video clips can make your website more attractive. In addition, the user can be retained for a longer time – the longer the stay, the more the chances of them becoming a client.

  • Call to Action buttons – Prompt buttons that make the users take action (Shop Now, a hyperlink, click here etc.)

  • The content should be relevant to the whole scenario and the user and be searchable – usage of keywords is essential.


Once the outline and basics of the content are created, it becomes crucial that your website content is unique and the user likes it. The ability to keep the user engaged would come from both their needs and the content you write.


Pointers for a Good Website Content

  • Understand your target audience and their needs. Then, develop the content keeping that in mind – the Audience's gender, demographics, stature, qualification etc.

  • Use inverted pyramid- place the most important things first and then cover the less important topics.

  • Nobody has the time to read long paragraphs – keep it short and straightforward with easy language and highlighted scannable words. Use bullets and lists where possible.

  •  The content should be explicit and not leave any questions in the user's mind.

  • Memory Trick – Be so innovative, creative and original that it leaves an impact on the user's mind, and they remember some part of your website for a long term (could be some animation, video or any other multimedia).

There are a lot of ways by which website content can reach its end-users. These can be built into the website itself to make it more attractive and user-friendly.


Types of Website Content


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