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Project risk, Finance and monitoring assignment help

Imagine being a project manager in an organization. Now, when a new project is offered to you, how do you decide whether to undertake it or not? You analyze the risks and benefits involved in the project in terms of finance, completion, safety etc. and then decide if the project is feasible for the organization or not. 

For any project that is undertaken in an organization, it is important to manage its risk and monitor it continuously to avoid losses. Project risk finance and monitoring is an ongoing process in any organization. 

The risk monitoring enables the employees to determine how the existing risks are being handled, what is the status of the residual risks and the identification of any new risks.

For being successful in the business, it is important that every organization recognizes the importance of risk management and its monitoring. To excel in this regard, organizations have started hiring employees with prior knowledge and understanding of the subject.

These employees not only help the organization with risk management but also train the existing employees in this subject matter.

It is evident from the facts stated above that the course of Project Risk Finance and Monitoring holds great value in the corporate world. Therefore, it is important for a student who is pursuing this subject to understand it with concept clarity and achieve a high grade in this subject. This will help the student to gain a competitive edge over their fellow candidates and when selected, over their colleagues. 

The grades awarded in Project Risk Finance and Monitoring are an accumulation of the students’ assignments, internal classroom examination and final term examination. 

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For the subject of Project Risk Finance and Monitoring Assignment Help, our experts have given the list of the following questions along with their answers in brief to help you understand the basic concepts of the subject.

The questions are as follows:

What is Project Finance? List the Project Risk in finance.

Project finance is the finance available in the form of lending that is secured which is characterized by risk allocation management that is both intricate as well as balanced.

Types of project financing risks include but are not limited to:

  • Construction risk

  • Operational risk

  • Supply risk

  • Offtake risk

  • Repayment risk

  • Political risk

  • Currency risk

  • Authorization risk

  • Dispute resolution risk

What is risk?

Risk can be defined as the uncertainty in the future in respect to the actual earnings or outcome of a task or project being different from the expected earnings or outcome for the same project.

What is financial risk management?

The process of using financial instruments in order to manage the exposure to risk in an organization for the purpose of protecting and maintaining the economic value in the organization is known as financial risk management.

List the 5 steps of the risk management process.

The 5 steps of risk management process include:

  • Identifying the risk

  • Analyzing the risk

  • Prioritizing the risk

  • Treating the risk 

  • Monitoring the risk

What are the six majors risk processes?

In the PMBOK theory, risk processes include:

  • Risk management planning

  • Risk identification

  • Qualitative risk analysis

  • Quantitative risk analysis

  • Risk response planning

  • Risk monitoring and control


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