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A competency Demonstration Report or CDR is a technical document used for the skills assessment process.

As a professional engineer looking for an engineering job in Australia, CDR is possibly the best document that could get you there. It represents your engineering skills and competencies written in a long essay format. After submission, the EA, the assessing authority of CDR, will check your report for your migration visa. They will rate your CDR based on your shared information and check your eligibility for the engineering role you are applying for.

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Writing your CDR

To get a high score, you need to know precisely how to write CDR. It demands a lot of consideration, correct knowledge, and the right language. In addition, the candidates need to prepare their CDR efficiently to have minimal chances of rejection. So the first step is to have complete knowledge of what exactly CDR is and what are the documents required to prepare the report. Here is a list of required documents that constitute a CDR.

  1. The CDR application form.
  2. A copy of your Resume.
  3. A confirmation of competency in the English language through test results of IELTS.
  4. Educational certificates and transcripts.
  5. Employment Documentary Evidence.
  6. Continuing Professional Development.
  7. Carrier Episodes.
  8. Summary Statement.
  9. Proof of concept

The top professionals should review the CDR once you have filled all the necessary details in Summary Statement, Career Episodes, and CDP lists. The CDR report is submitted to Engineers Australia to ascertain that the applicants have the required skills following the Australian standards.

Importance of CDR report for Australian Immigration

CDR report is a priceless and essential technical report which provides comprehensive information about personal, educational, engineering aptitude levels and different projects handled by the students at the college level or their professional engagement. Millions of engineers are showing interest in the various engineering courses across Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Canada, which offers job offer. Engineers Australia is a team of senior engineers with expansive knowledge he engineering. They are responsible for approving the assessment competency report after they are satisfied with the technical competency levels.

Why is CDR Report Review Useful for Engineers?

The engineer, who has applied for the Migration skills Assessment, has to write a Summary statement, three Career Episodes, and CPD lists. Even after Proofreading and editing the CDR report, there might be some mistakes, and hence the EA might tell you to write, or worse, they can also reject it. They might also assess you for the lower category you have applied for, making you ineligible for SOL. Further, you will be asked to appear for an immigration interview. Thus it is advisable to get your CDR report reviewed by professional engineers to avoid these consequences.

Will you review your CDR Report?

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