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Our Refund Policy

An order can be cancelled 15days prior to the specified deadline as shared at the time of inception of assignment. The payment received will be adjusted for any future assignment order.

But Incase the work on an assignment project has already been initiated by our experts post it has been shared , then based on the progress of the project , which in this case anything more than 10-30% already drafted ,

then we will neither entertain any refund request in future nor will swap or adjust d payment for any other assignment .Incase a payment is received twice then the same will be refunded back to d candidates.

If a student or an individual is not able to score the required grade to commence further in his academic career ,then we will refund the charges upto a certain limit for the said assignment based on the written feedback received from the college or the university professor specifying the reason of his poor grades.We will refund upfront 50% of the assignment charges once the above conditions or any other conditions as shared at that time is fulfilled from the candidates end.

We operate as per the universal sale police that “A product once sold & used cannot be returned “. But Incase we find that the poor grades scored (below passing marks only) has been owing to our failure to understand the required concept based on relevant information shared by the candidates or we have failed to update you on the progress as per the required concept.

We will further offer multiple rework or alterations for the assignment till good feedback ,conditioned that the assignment subject or the project specifications doesnot change to the originally shared details .We assure you of our best assignment help services as our subject experts are leading assignment makers and we would love to assist you to help you in your assignment project .

Please don’t copy paste the assignment in original as this is supposed to be used as assistance or guide only for your courses .