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Developing human resources assignment help

Developing human resources means developing the employees of an organization by improving their skill sets and their knowledge helping them in their growth at the workplace. 

As human resource development is a vital part of human resource management, it is imperative that a student studies this aspect of human resources to attain proper understanding of the subject in hand.

Universities use the method of assigning assignments to students to check and evaluate the student’s progress in terms of understanding of the concepts and the knowledge gained about the subject.

These assignments carry scores that are added up in the scores obtained in the student’s examinations to determine the final grade that they achieve during their end of term result.

Therefore, performing well in these assignments becomes a prerequisite for students who wish to achieve higher grades in order to get better jobs in the future.

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Students who have to complete their assignments on the subject of developing HR often come across the following questions either in their assignment or their course syllabus:

How do you develop human resources?

Human resources can be developed with the help of two methods:

  • Formal – like training provided in a classroom or during a college course and like a change effort that is planned by the organization.

  • Informal – like the coaching provided by the manager to an employee.

What are the 5 ways of developing human resources?

Human resources are being developed and changed by the following ways:

  • Recruitment and hiring

  • Employee engagement

  • Training and development

  • Performance management and their evaluation

  • Changing dynamics of the HR

What are the goals of human resource development?

The basic goals of human resource development include:

Developing the capabilities of the employees

  • in the capacity of an individual

  • in respect to the present role that they serve

  • in respect to the future roles that they may hold

What are the advantages of developing human resource?

By developing the human resources of an organization, the growth of the employees is improved which helps them in developing new skill sets and gaining additional knowledge about their work making them more effective and competent than before.

With more competence, the employees get more committed to their present job and workplace, gain better capabilities to deal with problems and are more involved towards participating in the matters of the organization.

Such questions serve as sample of what an assignment may hold. So, in case you face any difficulty in completing or even attempting your assignment, you can contact us through our online portal where in order to maintain confidentiality, we only ask for you email address and no other information is needed.


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