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International dimensions of human resource management

About the Article: The article gives an introduction to the global concept of international development of human resources, enlightens on the need for human resource development and government contribution in the same.

Introduction to the Concept of International Human Resource Development assignment help

Human Resource Development at the micro and macro level is referred to as the processes and practices adopted by an organization for the betterment and progress of human resources. At the micro-level, the concept is followed for uplifting the human resources in an organization in terms of their skills, knowledge, and job positions to effectively compete in a market.

From the past few decades, the concept of development of human resources at an international/ global/ macro level is considered an important component of the international growth of human resources that are directly linked to the national economic growth.

International human resource development is a multidisciplinary concept, which is now being considered essential with the expansion and spread of globalization internationally. With globalization flourishing, considering the need and importance of international human resource development also expanded across nations.

National economies are adapting to the concept and by reviewing their performance in the respective dimension they are ranked in the Human Development Index.

Why International Human Resource Development is required for assignment help?

With the growth of globalization and outsourcing, it is important for an economy to have developed a human resource to rank and compete accordingly globally.

Multinational Companies tend to expand globally and they are drawn towards the countries that have developed and skilled human resources. Therefore, host countries are naturally compelled to work on the human resource development of their nation to attract MNCs and benefit themselves.

The general processes of human resources development included training, education, and others to make the population of a country competitive and effective in the global market.

Host countries encourage the population to work on their skills and gain more knowledge through means to education, which turns them into an asset for the countries, which enables them to acquire competencies in the global market.

Methods for Human Resource Development and assignment help At the global level, the collective contribution of an economy’s private and public sector organizations for the betterment of their human resource population and turn them into useful assets to compete in global competition.

The government sector plays a major role and urges the private sector to contribute to the development of the nation’s human resources in order to achieve overall economic profit.

The public sector applies distinct methods/ techniques to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the nation’s human resources.

  1. Education: Government encourages the people of the country to be literately equipped. For such purposes, the government provides free education to the poor population and encourages through schemes such as scholarships and education loans.
  2. Training: Government contributes and desires the private sector to contribute to organizing low-cost skill training programs for the population of the country for uplifting and enhancing the skills of the country’s population


The article discusses the concept of international human resource development, which was not considered important and is now widely considered as an essential component of growth for nations The expansion of seriousness in the development of Human resources emerged as a consequence of spreading globalization across the globe.

The need for developing human resources in terms of their skills and knowledge is now considered an important element for the economic and reputation growth of a company and allows the countries to use their human resources as an effective and efficient asset to compete and stand up in the global market.

Further, the article depicts how the need for the development of human resources of a country has enabled the public sector of nations to contribute to the process through various methods

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Further, Human resource function in any given organizations looks to enabling, self-development and create a bond between the two most important aspect of the organization " Employer-Employee-Engagement."

HRM also encompasses the governing of employees in various corporates & institutions from micro & macro level, while maintaining parity between the employers and employees relationship. This approach focuses on the objectives and outcomes of the HRM function.

The word Human Resource Management came into effect first-time post the world war II with the return of the soldiers back home & the rehabilitation process got initiated for them to take part in the main steam in earning their livelihood. Since then the HRM has evolved with changing industrial demands. HRM involves managing people in organizations in a structured and planned manner. HRM covers the fields of recruiting, retaining & managing the exit process  through various HRM policies from salary scales to incentives concerning the performance

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Assistance for International human resource development Assignment Sample

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Q3: World product trade has expanded by more than 6 per cent a year since 1950, which is more than 50 per cent faster than the growth of output the most dramatic increase in globalization, has occurred in financial markets. In the global markets, billions of dollars are transacted each day, of which more than 90 per cent represent financial transactions unrelated to trade or investment.

Answer: Global integration in trade, investment, and factor flows, technology, and communication has been tying economies together. But even the largest and most self-contained economies, including the US, ar ...

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