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Financial accounting is a fascinating subject. The course will expose an individual's skills to quantitative techniques and theory that will be useful in the financial industry - a portfolio manager, risk management consultant, or financial analyst. Financial accounting holds the oxygen of any industry with its acute understanding of the functioning and the costing involved.

Discuss about the Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting?

Assistance in Quantitative Finance assignment help Sample

Q2: What is quantitative finance?

Answer: It is the branch of applied arithmetic which deals with different business markets. It consists of lot of mathematical or statistical models without any relation to economic theories. In quantitative ...

Q3: Your answer should be supported by reference to at least three academic research articles. (Hint: Concentrate on the general results of the articles. You do not have to completely understand the econometric models if used in articles.)

Answer: There was dissention between the Distributor and Biovail over when title to the shipment of Well butrinR passed. Discuss why you think the disagreement occurred between Biovail and the Distributor. ...

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