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Sample Solution for Ethics | Online ethics assignments

1: Environmental Ethics, Environmental Values, Environmental Philosophy, Ethics and the
Environment, Ethics, Place and Environment, Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Ethics !!
Unit 1: Questions to help you focus on the readings'main points Week One, What is Midgley's
primary point about the new sword?
2: Does her objection to ethical relativism ("moral isolationism") have a positive side? I.e., is
there an argument in favour of actual ethical realities apart from personal opinion?
3: Why do we want to give in to the idea of relativist ethics?
Week Two: What is Kohak's actual definition of ethics?
2: Whence does he get his description?
3: In what way is ethics a science? In what is it not?
4: Why is the environment an object of ethical concern, according to Kohák?
5: How are beliefs a form of knowledge, rather than opinion?
For example, First Nations's beliefs about the natural world often end up being confirmed by
ecological science, even though many people think they are simply stories and opinions.
Kohak's discussion of animal ethics takes place before he enters into his presentation of
ecological ethics. Why is that? What is the value of animal ethics about environmental ethics for
Kohak? Week Three What is the origin of virtue thinking? (you will need to look up academic
definitions of "virtue ethics. In the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, it is found under
1: What is character? How does this seem different from your collective understanding of ethics?
How does it match up with what Kohák writes about ethics? Why is a genius, not personality?
What are virtue and vice? How many vices are there for every virtue? What is humility? Would
you usually think of humility as a good thing? An ethical word? What are the two 'new' attributes
she proposes? How are they ethical? How do they help you understand the character? Does
goodness lead to action? Why is work not the sole concern of environmental virtue ethics? What
is problematic with identifying ethics only with prescriptions attached to actions? Feelings are
essential in virtue ethics. How are beliefs related to knowledge by Hursthouse?
Answer:- The term environmental ethics may be defined as the relation between humans and the
environment. The term ecological ethics have a belief that human beings are a member of society
and other creatures (living) such as animals and plants. Today world is considered as a central
and functional part of a human being. Thus, it becomes now imperative for humans to honour
these creatures and memorized the values of ethics. The environmental ethics exerts various
disciplines that involve eco-theology, ecology, sociology and environment law etc. Today
different kind of issues have played a role by impacting the environment surrounding such as
excess of global warming, climatic weather change, pollution, cutting of trees or we can say

deforestation such types of issues have damaged the planet. The environmental problems are a
part of environment study which describes a relation between earth and living beings.
By taking environment ethics seriously, individuals can ensure that they can keep their
environment safe and protected. Whenever the tree is cut down for preparing the home or for
other resources, then the natural resource becomes sparser. So it is a duty of every individual's to
keep their environment protected and protect it from danger too. Cleaning and protecting our
environment is not as difficult as we think, but we will be willing to making simple and easy
changes to the environment. With the rapidly growing population, the usage of natural resources
has also gets increased by most of the times, and due to this, the ability of our planet has also
been degraded. The funds which have been consumed by individuals are going at a very faster
rate. Thus, ethics plays a vital role in society, so environment ethics must be considered very
seriously as these ethics become more prevalent today. So it is the responsibility of every
individual to take care of the environment and nearby surrounding too. The impact on agriculture
involves a lot of factors such as soil, water, animal, plants, people and food. Environmental
issues which are related to agriculture include changes in climate, deforestation, pollutants,
degradation of soil, and wastes.

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