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People, Culture And Contemporary Leadership Assignment Help

In the day and age of today, it is imperative that an HR manager understands the importance of people, culture and the need for contemporary leadership in an organization.

If it is important for an HR Manager to understand this, it becomes more vital for a student studying human resource management to understand the concept of people, culture and contemporary leadership. 

Understanding the importance of the topic in the modern day of today, universities usually design their assignments on the topics related to the subject matter of people, culture and contemporary leadership so that they can assure that their students have an understanding and knowledge of the topic which would benefit them when they go out in the corporate world.

To make sure that students do not take these assignments lightly and keep up with their class and their study material and syllabus, universities practice the policy of marking the students’ assignment with grades based on their performance, completion and submission and which are then added to the final examination grades thus determining the final grade of a student at term-end.

This makes the completion of any assignment vital for a student and that too an assignment that is of good quality and is submitted within the prescribed deadline.

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Some topics relating to people, culture and contemporary leadership that our experts have found out to be recurring in the assignments relating to this subject matter either directly or indirectly are given below along with their answers:

List the approaches of contemporary leadership.

The approaches to contemporary leadership include:

  • Transformational leadership

  • Leader-member exchange

  • Servant leadership

  • Authentic leadership


What does a contemporary leader focus on?

A contemporary leader focuses on developing people and inspiring them to achieve the objectives of the organization and work towards goal congruence in order to make a difference in the society and community that they live in.

List the characteristics of contemporary leaders.

The characteristics of a contemporary or modern-day leader are:

  • Authenticity

  • Courage

  • Humility

  • Presence (art of being accessible and approachable)

List the categories of contemporary leadership traits.

Leaderships styles can be categorized as:

  • Autocratic

  • Democratic

  • Laissez-Faire

  • Transactional

  • Transformational

List the contemporary leadership skills.

To become a contemporary leader, your skills must include but not be limited to:

  • Strong vision

  • Transparency

  • Listening skills

  • Creativity

  • Empathy

  • Negotiation

  • Empowering knowledge of technology

  • Skills of planning and management

  • Skills of decision making

  • Providing constructive criticism

  • Non-discriminatory towards any person or culture

What is the difference between traditional and contemporary leadership?

Where the traditional style of leadership focuses on control over the employees, following the rules and regulations and staying within the boundaries, the contemporary style of leadership promotes freedom of thought, freedom of creativity and new ideas as well as valuing the outcome instead of the method.

These questions are just observations made by our experts on the pattern of the assignment questions and their relevant topics and may or may not appear in the same form and structure.

Nonetheless, if you wish to score high grades on your assignment and require some expertise in completing your assignment, you can contact us at and our experts will revert to you within a few minutes. 


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People, Culture And Contemporary Leadership Assignment Help Sample

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