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International dimensions of human resource management assignment help

For any organization to flourish, it is important that they have in place a proper human resource management program as the human resources serve as the backbone of any organization in the fierce competitive market of today.

The organizations that manage the activities of their human resources at an international level carry out the functions of international human resource management. It enables an organization to develop a global understanding and management in respect to the human resource activities of an organization.

List the international dimensions of human resource management.

Human resource management is similar throughout the world. Therefore, its dimensions are also same across the globe.

The dimensions of human resource management are:

  • Planning

  • Recruitment

  • Selection

  • Training

  • Compensation

  • Performance appraisal

List the various models of international human resource management

The models of international human resource management can be named as:

  • The Fombrun

  • The Harvard

  • The Guest

  • The Warwick

List the importance of international human resource management?

International human resource management is important because of the following factors:

  • Emphasis on the organization’s core competency

  • Reorganization

  • Competition for human resources

  • Technological changes

  • Need for the empowerment of the workforce

List the functions of international human resource management

International human resource management has the following functions:

  • Recruitment

  • Selection

  • Development of employees

  • Training of employees

  • Performance evaluation

  • Remuneration

  • Labor relations

What are the objectives of international human resource management?

The objectives of international human resource management are:

  • Help reduction of the risk relating to international human resource

  • Helps to prevent cultural risks

  • Helps to prevent regional disparities

  • Helps to manage diverse human capital

What are the challenges faced by international human resource management?

The challenges faced by international human resource management are:

  • The existence of a variety of international human resource management models

  • The level up to which the policies and procedures of HR are different in different countries

  • Managing people over different countries

  • Approaches to be used to manage the human resources

  • Repatriation as well as its processes

  • Various government policies 

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International dimensions of human resource management assignment help Sample

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