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Assignment solution for Marketing for small business

It defines the activities involved in introducing a product to the world, its target group & creating a geographical presence.

As Regis McKenna says 'Marketing is everything '. A product or services may be high on quality, but without a proper marketing strategy, it will not be able to reach the desired market or demand. Locally there might be people or businesses that can outreach to a set of clients, community or groups but in order to scale out & broadcast the products to a broader market & reach your visioned objective, it involves proper scaling & understanding of factors that impact the same. These needs meticulous planning & thus, marketing strategies get evaluated for execution in a time-bound manner with a specific objective to reach the "desired goal."

Students are to pick a real organisation of their choice that is either privately or publicly owned. It should be of interest or relevance to their industry sector, job role and/or MBA specialisation. Note, the organisation you pick should also be used in Assessment 2.

Assignment solution for Marketing for small business Assignment Sample

Q2: Areas covered should include: • Introduction. • A brief overview of the organisation. • An analysis of the external and internal environment using appropriate theories and frameworks. • Clear articulation of the competitive advantage identified. • A diagnosis of the strengths, weaknesses, sources and future sustainability of the competitive advantage outlined. • A conclusion that identifies strategic opportunities and risks

Answer: Students are encouraged to use a wide variety of information sources that include, where possible, primary research such as interviews with staff or executive members within their chosen organisation. ...

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