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Evaluating human resource assignment help focuses on the subject of human resource and the questions related to human resource assignment. Our subject experts help you to evaluate every question on its merit and complete the online assignment with professional help.

About the Article: The article gives a brief but thorough introduction about the concept of human resource evaluation, the need for evaluation along with an introduction to relevant techniques/methods for evaluating human resources.

Evaluating human resources

Introduction to Human Resource Evaluation assignment help Human Resource Evaluation is an organizational action undertaken by the organization’s management for the employees’ development and management and up-lifting their performance and skills.

The wide dimensional concept covers a range of issues for example:

  • Compensation of Employees
  • Recruitment process
  • Performance Management of Employees
  • Organization’s development
  • Safety and Health of Employees
  • Communication with employees
  • Administering and Training Employees
  • Performance Management

Human Resources are the essential sources of organizations to stand up and compete in the market, which makes evaluation of human resources an integral and crucial part of an organization.

The practice of evaluating the human resources of an organization is essential for identifying the weaknesses, strengths, and issues that are to be addressed in relation to the human resource of an organization by reviewing current HR practices, policies, and indicators required for evaluating human resources.

Need for Human Resource Evaluation and assignment help Human Resource Evaluation is an indispensable concept in an organization as human as a resource is the main component that contributes to the growth and success of the organization.

The evaluation process helps in attaining an understanding of and assessing the employees’ skills, knowledge, and the need for training and recruitment.

Why Human Resource Evaluation is needed in organizations?

  1. Identify and ensure the requirement for training: The evaluation process aids in understanding the need for training for employees to upskill themselves. Through the process, it can be interpreted which employees in the organization require training to upskill themselves and which employees require training for improvement.
  2. Monitoring: Evaluation involves assessment and monitoring of employees’ capabilities in regard to their skills and knowledge which helps the management to address employees’ roles and responsibilities accordingly.
  3. Understanding the Organization’s needs for HR: Evaluating the number of human resources guides the organization in knowing the need for recruiting more employees and assess the current job positions, as well as understand the workforce demand and update HR policies and strategies relevantly.
  4. Performance Management: The process of evaluation helps managers in knowing the performance of the employees and provides them the necessary feedback.

Method of Human Resource Evaluation

The process of evaluating human resources can be undertaken by adopting or adapting to various approaches. Many approaches for human resource evaluation are used in organizations including the most common approaches such as:

I) Audit Approach: This approach of evaluation is to assess and examine the employees’ effectiveness that provides the management with relevant data to analyze the human resource function in their organization. In house or hired auditors conduct the process that commonly involves the usage of any of the given approaches:

  • Comparative Approach
  • Management by Objectives Approach
  • Statistical Approach
  • Outside Authority Approach
  • Compliance Approach

II) Analytical Approach: The respective approach of evaluation is linked with the concept of utility analysis i.e. it is based on cost-benefit analysis.

III) Qualitative and Quantitative Index: In order to determine the effectiveness of human resources in an organization, managers for evaluation of human resources uses quantitative metrics.

Being one of the crucial processes for an organization, Human Resource Evaluation is a prominent process for managing human resources in an organization, which is used widely by managers by applying various relevant approaches for the process.

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Further, the Human resource function in any given organization looks to enabling, self-development and create a bond between the two most important aspects of the organization " Employer-Employee-Engagement."

HRM also encompasses the governing of employees in various corporates & institutions from micro & macro level, while maintaining parity between the employers and employees relationship. This approach focuses on the objectives and outcomes of the HRM function.

The word Human Resource Management came into effect first-time post the world war II with the return of the soldiers back home & the rehabilitation process got initiated for them to take part in the main steam in earning their livelihood. Since then the HRM has evolved with changing industrial demands. HRM involves managing people in organizations in a structured and planned manner. HRM covers the fields of recruiting, retaining & managing the exit process  through various HRM policies from salary scales to incentives concerning the performance

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Assistance in Evaluating Human resource assignments Sample

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Answer: The organization Structure: This association has been characterized as a bureaucratic organization. It' s structure is hierarchal and belongs to the decision making a statement towards the organiz ...

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