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Retail management Assignment Help

Assignment help Retail Management

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Retail management Assignment help

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A brief highlight on retail management as a subject being taught in colleges and institutions

About: The article throws light information on the concept of retail management along with the reason for its requirement and its consequent advantages.

What is Retail Management?

Retail Management is referred to as managing the process by which customers purchase products that have crossed their production line from retail stores.

Managing the process with effectiveness and delivering the desired products to customers is the core of retail management. With the enormous growth in industries, retail management is becoming a quickly growing concept with tremendous scope.

The main motive of retail management is to deliver the products to the customer that balances their requirements and level of satisfaction.

Who is a retailer?

A person/ groups who practice the concept of retail management i.e. is the last in the product supply chain to deliver the product to the customers. A retailer sells the products to the customer with an aim of earning profits. A market comprises of different types of retailers who sell various kinds of products. The four main kinds of retailers are:

  1. Hardline retailers- These type of retailers deals in selling cars, furniture and other products such as appliances etc.
  2. Retailers for Consumable goods: This category of retailers sell products such as clothing items, footwear and others.
  3. Food: Retailers in this category sell eatable items like bakery products, beverages, etc.
  4. Art: Retailers under this type sell products like books, art supplies, instruments etc.

Each type of retailer buys products from whole sellers in bulk and then they sell them to customers. The products then finally reach the customer after they purchase them.

Why Retail Management is Needed/ Important?

The main purpose of managing retail activities which is also known as retail management is to satisfy the requirements of customers without any inconvenience

Retail management focuses on applying techniques/ methods that can help in fulfilling the product requirements of customers, because in order for a retail store/ retailer to stay in the market with success: it is essential for him to practice retail management properly. Effective retail management ensures that a customer gets his desired product easily and return back home with satisfaction.

Advantages/ Benefits of retail management

If the retailers manage to successfully carry out their retail stores with proper retail management, they open a floor for all the advantages of retail management for themselves. These advantages are:

  1. Customers: Retail management revolves around the concept of customer satisfaction. If customers find their required products at a respective retail store conveniently, they tend to come back to the same store and refer it to others.
  2. Categorizing: Retail management focuses on clear placement of products which make finding the product and shopping easier for customers and benefits the retailers in return with a non- irritable selling.
  3. Accounting: Retailers are benefited from retail management as accounting their profits and losses becomes easier with proper management.
  4. Inventory Management: When retail management is practiced properly, all products are clearly set up for convenient visibility of customers. This on the other hand also makes it easier for the retailers to know whether the store is running low on stock or not and makes inventory management easier

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Its the base subject of every organization as without the same the existence of an organization is at risk. It brings together the science of the process, planning  & execution in a given organization without having any inclination towards the size of the corporate. Management as a whole has various characteristics: Its universal, goal-oriented, continuous process, multidimensional, involves group activity & dynamic function, which are coordinated for optimum usage.

Management is the summation of men, machine, material, money and methods, which contributes as an encyclopedia for the employees working in the organization while maintaining a coordinated approach towards achieving the vision of the company.

  1.   Explain what self-appraisal is?
  2.  How self-appraisal contributes to a performance review?

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Retail management Assignment Samples

Describe peer appraisal and list at least one benefit of peer appraisal.

Peer appraisal can be defined as an act in which employee’s performance is assessed by colleagues of employee or teammates in the same working environment  who  has been observing t ...

It can be measured by ranking every member of the team from excellent to dissatisfied,o ct in which employee’s performance is assessed by colleagues of employee or teammates in the same working environment  who  has been observing the performance of employees regarding th

a. Identify four components of a manager's role and responsibilities that are commonly measured by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

b.  Discuss how the KPIs may be measured.

The different components of a manager’s role and responsibilities that aare measured by KPI are::

1.Net profit margin:This KPI offers a good depth of how profitable your business is ...

2.Working Capital:This figure is important to check whether a company has much balance in hand or not.

3.Return on Investment:This KPI measures amount of return in comparison  with co .

2.Working Capital:This figure is important to check whether a company has much balance in hand or not.

3.Return on Investment:This KPI measures amount of return in comparison  with cost of an investment.

4.Cost per lead:It refers to how much money has been spent to acquire a particular lead.

B)KPI’s of these components are measured in following ways :

1.Net profit margin:It is calculated by dividing the net profit during a specific period by revenue during same period .The resulting figure shows how much profit you earn on specific revenue.

2.Working capital:It is calculated by subtracting your current liabilities from your current assets.This KPI helps you to check financial health of your business.

3.Return on investment:It is worked by dividing the bebefit by the cost of the investment and is expressedas ratio or percentage.

4.Cost per lead:To calculate thisKPI you divide total spent on marketing by total leads acquired,you can finesse this fiure by dividing that again by no. of leads to get individual figure

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