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Taxation assignment help
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Taxation assignment help

Imagine that you purchased something. You are aware that the raw material used in your purchase amounts to Rs.100 but the product is priced at Rs.500. You might wonder as to why the seller has added such high margin to the product and is still getting high sales revenue.

Well, you might be surprised to know that even though the raw material cost is just Rs.100, the seller might not have the high amount of profit margin that you think as on this Rs.100 there are additional values that make up his cost. 

In addition to the cost of purchasing, producing and selling the goods, a shopkeeper also has to bear the cost of taxes that might be in the form of GST, VAT, excise tax or any other kind of tax or cess.

It is these taxes due to which the selling price of a product increases as these taxes have to be borne by the final consumer.

Taxation is also related to individuals, that is, you might have noticed that for every rupee that you earn, a certain percentage of it is supposed to be given to the government. This amount that is given to the government is the taxation for the individual.

Therefore, taxation is an act of imposing or levying taxes by the taxing authorities or the government of a country on their citizens and business organizations.

Every country has a different policy for taxation purposes. Some countries have an overall tax regime for the entire nation whereas in some countries taxation is based on the revenues of that state and how well the state performs.

It is important to understand the intricacies of the subject of taxation as taxation is that branch of study that fills up our life. From buying a pen to earning Rs.100, we come in contact with various kinds of taxes and also pay them.

Taxation as a subject is a very difficult field of study as it involves a lot of sections that need to be applied either individually or in addition to some other sections and every section has a list of different exceptions and proviso.

For a student to study and pursue taxation, constant hard work and practice is required because taxation is a subject where just the theoretical knowledge of a section never suffices unless you know how to apply it in real case-based scenarios.

Therefore, it is mostly seen that the subject of taxation brings about a change in the grade of a student for better or worse. If you have a knack for taxation, it would help you achieve high grades but if you do not understand it or are unable to keep up with the provisions of taxation, you might obtain a very low grade.

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The subject of taxation is the trickiest subject in the field of finance and accounting and raises a lot of questions from the end of the students.

Our experts have made out a list of some of the common questions that students ask regarding taxation and have also provided the answers to them.

These questions are:

What is the purpose of taxation?

The main purpose of any kind of taxation is to help the government raise revenue for their expenditure. The act of taxation also helps to differentiate the objectives of allocation of resources, redistribution of income and stability of the economy.

What is international taxation?

International taxation can be defined as the taxation process of studying or determining the tax liability of a person or organization on the basis of the taxation regimes of different countries. To avoid the double taxation of a person (individual or organization), certain countries have signed the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) through which a person is not taxed on the same income in two different countries if DTAA has been signed between them.

What are the various types of taxation?

Types of taxation may differ for different countries. Some taxation categories that apply to almost all countries are:

  • Income tax

  • Excise tax

  • Sales tax

  • Property tax

  • Estate tax

As mentioned earlier, the taxation regime is different for every different country with different laws governing them. We at VAH provide you with taxation assignment help for the taxation regimes present in India, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, USA and UK.

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