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Presentation preparartion

PowerPoint Presentation,(in short ppt which is the extension) can be called a stack of slides that are assigned to do multiple tasks to ensure the thinking, counseling, and seminar management of a system. PowerPoint Presentations are simple, easy to make, and work efficiently. The extension .ppt is used to terminate the filename. Presentations make seminars and meetings go in a laminar flow. PowerPoint presentations are efficient than others, which are in primitive methods, because:

PowerPoint Presentation

  1. They are illustrative, elaborative, and easy to understand.
  2. They are in a laminar flow(except argument slides).
  3. They allow multiple suggestions in a row and allow benefits for the understanding of audiences.
  4. They are low in writing so the author needs not to work hard much in black and white or in typing.
  5. They are more information convenient and can include results from the net, query, and database.
  6. Graphs can easily be made via PowerPoint Utility tools through Excel and then be designed to scan and organize the feed data.
  7. They may include transitions which make changing of slides very illustrative and they can also be managed by time gaps through utility tools.
  8. They may also use animations for text, clipart, and Pictures Representation.
  9. It can also hold dynamic servers and web pages in demand for certain analyses.
  10. They are more user-friendly.

PowerPoint Presentations holds a special place in the following managements:

  • a. Business Managing with new projects and models
  • b. Projecting Important Study materials in Education Sectors
  • c. Modeling Firms and Industries in softcopy
  • d. Projecting New Innovations and/or innovative ideas in a flow of slides in Engineering Sectors.
  • e. Managing the stability of business models for the future prediction of a model.
  • f. Managing Databases in the IT sector and displaying them in an elaborative and illustrative way.
  • g. Seminars are accelerated in a steady flow if in a form of ppt with the organized speaker.
  • h. Most industries nowadays also use PowerPoint presentations for small-scale laborers for reliability


Nowadays speakers just walk in with their laptops and/or flash drives and connect them to the LCD projector and convey their information to their suitable audience. But some important points to be noted are:

  • ➢ One must not include a lot of words in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • ➢ One must not look repeatedly at the screen for conveying the information.
  • ➢ One must not walk in front of the LCD projector while delivering or speaking about his project.
  • ➢ One must keep suitable slides for audiences to take part in the presentations, like question and answer sessions, quizzes, riddles, or views of the audience about the project topic.
  • ➢ One must always have a backup for times of need in case of electricity runs out so that he/she can rely on the project topic with his own system itself.
  • ➢ One must set up his projecting system and cover the lens of the LCD projector with a cover before the arrival of the audience.
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