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Strategic human resource management- Online Assignment help Value assignment help provides online assignment assistance for Strategic Human Resource management subjects. Our Subject experts offers assistance to all the assignment related queries related to strategic human resource management. Our assistance is within the prescribed format and deadline as directed by your institution.

Let's look into the subject of human resource management and elaborate the discussion for easier understanding to users who wants to pursue their academic career in HRM. All HRM subject experts have years of experience and have already delivered more than 2 million successful assignment copies.

Strategic Human Resource Management

Do you know what exactly strategic human resource management is?

It is basically a pattern of planned human resource deployments and activities deliberated to enable an organization to achieve its smart strategic goals.

So why do we need human resource management?

There are some valid reasons that prove why we need HRM-

  • For good industrial relations
  • Meeting with environmental changes
  • Enhanced pressure on employees
  • To meet research and development requirements.

This shows why we need strategic human resource management but do Do we know where it is involved?

Strategic human mainly aims at flexibility, developing healthy organization so that it can compete with their competitors, improving the structure and improving business strategies.

For a better implementation of strategic human resource management, the strategies are planned according to the needs of company/organization employees. As a company overall growth is directly connected with human resources.

It also involves

  • Financing project market related program
  • Setting employment standard and plan
  • Linking human resources with planned strategies for effective performances.

So how we can practice strategic human resource management-

It can easily be done vide three main techniques-

  1. personnel techniques- it can be done through hiring new employs, promoting employees who are already working and rewarding them surprisingly.
  2. structural techniques- or also known as organizational design it works as same as like the organizational design.
  3. cultural design- mainly designed for building and maintaining high performances on work cultures.

Elements Of human resource management- Assignment Help The main pillars of strategic human resource management are It’s the people/employee within the organization who actually implement the strategies for a better chance.

Every change is possible through proper strategies followed by execution, organizations need and objectives as well.

The main aim of strategic human resource management is to concentrate on the different ways so that they can take an edge over their competitors.

One of the examples of strategic human resource management Assignment Help

Samson enterprises- they initiated through strategic human resource management plans and started recruiting individuals who are good in communicating or people with effective communication skills along with the people with excellent technical skills so that they can easily connect with the customers need in a better way.

Benefits of strategic human resource management-

  • Fair valuation of human capital
  • Strategic HR planning
  • HR process redesign
  • HR outsourcing
  • Consistent Management

With the benefits, we have to know why strategic human resource management is important-

Once the human resources just focus on recruiting the employees, it has rapidly emerged and now it is generally known as the powerhouse of the organization.

It is now capable of leading an organization so that it becomes more challenging, fast working. Advanced HR strategies are looking forward to giving their organization the best.

Strategic human resource management relationship with the employee- The organizations that are successful in retaining an employee can easily retain their customers and can easily achieve their goals.

If there is a strong relationship between innovation and strategic human resource management and involves training-development, participation in decision making, job identification, job analysis as well as career management. It will positively able to meet the organization's goal.

Further, Human resource function in any given organizations looks to enabling, self-development and create a bond between the two most important aspect of the organization " Employer-Employee-Engagement."

HRM also encompasses the governing of employees in various corporates & institutions from micro & macro level, while maintaining parity between the employers and employees relationship. This approach focuses on the objectives and outcomes of the HRM function.

The word Human Resource Management came into effect first-time post the world war II with the return of the soldiers back home & the rehabilitation process got initiated for them to take part in the main steam in earning their livelihood. Since then the HRM has evolved with changing industrial demands. HRM involves managing people in organizations in a structured and planned manner. HRM covers the fields of recruiting, retaining & managing the exit process  through various HRM policies from salary scales to incentives concerning the performance,

Starting September, multinational management consulting firm Accenture will officially get rid
of its performance reviews as part of a 'passive revolution' in internal operations

Assignment help for strategic human resource management Assignment Sample

Q2: Accenture aims to hit a middle ground by regularly supporting its employees and ensuring they perform better without having to evaluate them after they have contributed. 'It's all about selected the person. And if you believe you selected the right person, then you give that person the freedom, the authority, the delegation to innovate and to lead with some straightforward measure, 'Nanterme said. As to whether the company gets the best value out of this change, only time will tell. The performance management process has been declined to many business firms that are maybe rather informal. Most of the companies have been complicated in terms of utilizing the time and resource with the improvement in performances.

Answer: While determining employee performances, it is essential to see their productivity level in the organization. The workers in an organization play various driven activities while achieving the goals of ...

Q3: Source: Nankervis, Baird, Coffey and Shields (2017) Human Resource Management: Strategy and Practice (9th Ed). Cengage Learning Australia: South Melbourne, Australia. Issues to consider for your report: 1) Do you believe that abandoning formal performance reviews is a good idea for an an organization like Accenture? 2) Removing all formal performance management reviews may have immediate financial benefits for a firm, but could the resulting issues create problems that end up costing the firm much more than they save? 3) With the understanding that formal performance reviews will not be reinstated, provide some recommendations for how Accenture could effectively monitor, assess, and improve the performance of their employees.

Answer: The organization also explores the operational expenses of an employee. Thus, it provides some recommendations for alternative approaches which Accenture used for monitoring the performance of their w ...

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