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An essay on the right to safe abortion

America portrays the Dunbar Armored Robbery of 1997 as the biggest robbery in American history, but what about robbing one in every three American women of their right to safe abortion? What about that?

The oppressive regime in America has committed a robbery of human rights. The laws restricting access to abortion in several states represent a robbery of the right to abortion for women across America, voiding them of the ability to make decisions about their bodies and futures.

An essay on the right to safe abortion

To put that into perspective, 21 million American women aged 18 to 44 in nearly 18 states are scrapped of legal right to abort their pregnancy, either entirely or after six weeks.

In 2008, one in every 4000 women was denied access to medical procedures under the light of the ban. This left women with no choice but to willingly adopt illegal and unsafe medical procedures to terminate their pregnancies. Apart from inconsistency in abortion laws around different states, the abortion ban might lead to a 21% rise in illegal and unsafe medical abortions nationwide.

Although the case to legalize abortion in the entire country is up for debate in the Supreme Court, it is a matter of human rights and should not be up for debate.

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Not just America, global crises:

The ban on the right to abortion is not just limited to one of the most developed nations in the world but also plagues more than 20 other nations, including Malta, Egypt, Mauritania and Gabon.

The stance of most of these governments is to protect fetus infanticide and protect women from forceful abortion, but what to do with a female body should be left up to a woman to decide. Laws should be put in place to facilitate the choice made by women rather than to prevent them from choosing at all.

In counteraction, some might say that sticking to birth control is the best option.

We partially agree. To avoid pregnancy, sticking to birth control is necessary and a safer option, but it comes bearing medical repercussions. What bothers us more is the imbalance in the safe birth control options availability. Last week, news of the male birth control pill debuted in the market but is still in the liminal phase and would take years to reach the consumer market. Currently, there are only two options for males in the market- condoms and vasectomy- which are 98% and 99% effective in preventing pregnancy but are heavily looked down upon. But, since males are leading in almost every arena of life, why do they lack access to a birth control option?

The answer to the question lies in the colourful history of male contraceptives. The practice of sterilizing males has been in action for centuries. But, it did not gain the audience due to its potential side effects like acne and oily skin, as noticed in the case of hormonal male contraceptive pills.

On the other hand, more than 12 contraceptive options are available for women, all of which come hoisting big red flags, more severe to the side effects of male hormonal pills.

Multiple medical studies show that female birth control pills lead to heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and liver tumours. And, in rare cases, it can even lead to death.

 The cost of raising a child:

Suppose we put the cost of raising a child in perspective, mid the cost-of-living crises clouding the global economy. In that case, most petite women must be burdened with an unwanted pregnancy and the cost of having and raising a child. In America, the average cost of raising a child till adulthood is over USD 310,000. Globally, the average expenditure of bringing up a child is USD 170,000, not to mention the physical and mental support required to raise a child.

It takes a tribe to raise a child:

It takes a tribe to raise a child nowadays. From employing a nanny to enrolling kids in daycare, from school teachers educating the kids in school to curricular skill polishers such as swimming and dancing coaches grilling kids after school, sometimes seeking help from grandparents and sometimes even neighbours to look after the kid in case you are late from work, an entire brigade of people are involved in child upbringing. Not to mention the physical, mental, and social responsibility to protect and raise a child in a safe environment.

With the rise in crime every day, no mother would want to bring an innocent life onto the planet without a safe, nurturing plan.

The mental trauma:

She is not even talking about the pregnancy due to sexual abuse; that is a different animal altogether. Not every pregnant woman is physically, mentally and financially capable of raising a child. Raising a child is a full-time responsibility without bailing from it. It is a life-long commitment which might take a mental toll on women. As per a research paper by BioMed Central, the chances of encountering maternal depression increase by 20-22% in the case of unwanted pregnancy.

If untreated, the same trauma is passed onto their young kids, unintentionally becoming the bearer of parental trauma and the vicious cycle. 


Motherhood is a life-changing and fulfilling experience for a woman. Still, every woman should enjoy the opportunity of choosing the circumstances they bring a new life onto the planet. Additionally, federal agencies should understand the physical, mental, emotional and financial turmoil raising a child out of unwanted pregnancy can cause.

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