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Operations of mc Donald's analyst

Critical Analysis of Mc Donald’s Operations Management

The project analyzes the operational management of one of the world’s leading foodservice retailers- McDonald’s. The article gives a brief introduction about McDonald’s and comments on its operations management throughout the years. The project focuses on major operational decisions and their management of McDonald's.

Critical Analysis of Mc Donald

Mc Donald’s

McDonald’s is one of the globally leading food-service providers, established in 1948 by Richard Mc Donalds and Maurice. The corporation is mainly known for its hamburgers. Through the past decades, McDonald’s has successfully managed to reach million and become the preferred food brand.

Mc Donald’s has now spread its branches almost across every country and is recognized as one of the largest chains of hamburger retailers. The reason behind McDonald’s huge success is its effective management throughout the years. The corporation even with challenges rose up to this fame in the food industry just because of its management practices. Mc Donald’s manage their operations with a will to grow- their sales, revenue, and reach.

Without appropriate management, the corporation would not have managed to successfully own almost 40,000 restaurants all across the world and gain an incomparable revenue with over 70 million approx. consumers purchasing at McDonald’s every day. Operations Management at Mc Donald’s

Operations management of McDonald’s complies with its global status and reputation among consumers from all over the world. The operations are managed and executed with such perfection at Mc Donald’s, that new emerging food brands wish to have an operational management structure similar to Mc Donald’s

In general operations management is concerned with managing the operational strategy of an organization that is responsible for the goals, objectives, achievements, failures, etc. Of the organization. McDonald’s operations are managed with complete transparency to customers. Any customer can question their operation’s management if Mc Donald’s is accountable for the fault.

Operations management in 5 significant areas in Mc Donald’s is discussed below:

  1. Design: McDonald’s has made a strategic decision to provide affordable products with revenue in returns. The size of the serving is therefore set as per the requirement which almost always fulfills to customer’s satisfaction with the food item.
  2. Quality Management: Food quality management is one of the main priorities of McDonald’s. A production line method to sustain quality management is utilized by McDonald’s. With the aim to provide the best quality, the organization also focuses on the minimal cost of production and extended revenues.
  3. Human Resource Management: Operations management at Mc Donald’s is primarily focused on HR management. Mc Donald’s believes in human resources as their important assets and therefore has a strong HRM, which facilitates effective operations management.
  4. Supply Chain Management: Through the years, McDonald’s has managed to build approx 40,000 restaurants, which shows it as a complementary outcome of its strategic operations management. With effective strategies, Mc Donald’s has managed to spread its wings almost all over the world.


Mc Donald’s has flourished from a single hamburger stand to become a chain of restaurants throughout various countries, which is only a consequence of its effective operations management.

Through the application of appropriate management practices, McDonald’s achieved the status with global success. Through challenges and issues in the journey. McDonald’s survived and managed to achieve the status because of its operational management which turned out to always impacting.

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