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Assessment 3 Information

Subject Code: MBA501

Subject Name: Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation Assessment

Title: Business Portfolio Analysis & Disruptive Innovation

Assessment Type: Video Recording & supporting document

length:10 minutes and a three-page summary

Weighting: 35%

Total Marks: 100

Submission: online

 Your task

You are required to review an organization's case study, including information about the organization’s internal structure, market research techniques, and the approach to R&D. The case study will also include information regarding relevant regulation and economic conditions affecting the organization. The case study will be shared in week 09. The content for this assignment will mainly come from workshops 9, 10, & 11.

Assessment Description.

This assessment focuses on strategies organizations could adopt to face the challenges coming from disruptive innovators and how organizations can become disruptive innovators. You are required to analyze the ability to disrupt and face disruptions from four perspectives; internal, external, marketing and technology. The recommendations should focus on steps the organization can take to improve its innovative capabilities. This assessment concentrates on your ability to analyze the qualities and characteristics of disruptive innovation. It also assesses your understanding of how to apply disruptive innovation-related principles into real-world scenarios, thereby building an innovative culture throughout the organization.

Assessment Instructions

Disruptive Innovation capabilities You must record a Disruptive Innovation Video Presentation reflecting on the organization’s capacity to innovate from the following perspectives:

A. Internal perspective

Prepare an analysis of the key internal factors (culture, structure, resource allocation, and human resources) impacting the organization’s innovative capacity and offer recommendations.

B. External perspective


Prepare an analysis of the key external factors impacting the organization’s innovative capacity and offer recommendations.

C. Marketing perspective

Prepare an analysis of the key marketing and customer-related factors impacting the organization’s innovative capacity and offer recommendations.

D. Technology perspective

Prepare an analysis of the organization’s innovative processes and whether they enhance the organization’s innovative capacity and offer recommendations.

In preparing for this assessment, you must note the following aspects:

 The video recording should not exceed 10 minutes.

o The three-page summary

  •  Should indicate the key points presented in the video with relevant citations and references.
  •  Should contain a brief introduction, external, internal, marketing and technology perspectives as separate headings and a conclusion
  •  Important to indicate the recommendations under each perspective

 o You are not expected to research the industry mentioned in the case study.

o The focus should be on researching, analyzing, and applying disruptive innovation-related theories, concepts, and scholarly views.

o Concepts relevant for this assignment are in workshops 9, 10, and 11.

o, Study the attached assessment rubric carefully.

o, Watch the assignment briefing webinar conducted by the Subject Coordinator – refer to the subject welcome message from the Coordinator for the date and time.

Assignment Submission

Students are encouraged to submit their work well in advance of the deadline to avoid any possible
technical difficulties. For those students who have limited experience in video making techniques, it
is recommended to read the video FAQs document that is available to you under the assessments tab in
The three-page summary file must be submitted as a ‘Word’ file to avoid any technical issues that may
occur from incorrect file format upload. Uploaded files with a virus will not be considered a legitimate
submission. Turnitin will notify you if there is an issue with the submitted file. In this case, you must
contact your lecturer via email and provide a brief description of the issue and a screenshot of the Turnitin
error message.


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