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Australia is a country that is also regarded as an island as well as a continent. The land down under is the home of 43 universities. Most universities in the country offer world-class education to all their students.

Every year, the Australian universities provide education to one million of its nationals, and they also provide education to more than eight hundred fifty thousand international students.

Life came to a halt when the COVID – 19 pandemic hit the entire world. Almost every country imposed a worldwide lockdown to contain the virus and prevent it from spreading to the entire population.

Where most of the jobs shifted to work from home, the schools, colleges, and universities of all the countries shifted to an online approach wherein, like offices, children studied with the help of online software and online classes.

To prevent the halting of the education system and ensure that students do not miss out on the precious years of their lives, the educational bodies of the countries introduced the shift to online classes.

As a result, the education system of many countries was adversely affected by the COVID – 19 pandemic.

Due to the adverse effects of the worldwide pandemic, the number of students taking admission into Australian universities decreased manifold in the last two years.

Though the admission to additional courses increased due to the students stuck in Australia taking additional courses, the pandemic impacted the flow of international students into the country considerably.

Additionally, students who had left Australia at the onset of the pandemic opted for remote education through online courses rather than physically attending the university, even when the lockdown was lifted. 

The students opted for online education to stay close to their loved ones and family to support them during difficult times.

The decision of students to stay in their home countries rather than physically attend universities affected Australia's education industry.

The universities that did not offer the option to continue the academic courses through online classes saw an increase in the admission withdrawals of students who were hit by financial difficulties or the loss of family members during the pandemic. 

As a result, the Australian universities saw increased withdrawals and decreased admissions into their universities during the years that followed the pandemic.

With the increased number of students taking up remote education, the demand for online assignment help also increased in the country.

Need for online assignment help

Online classes were introduced and highly recommended during the lockdown phase of the pandemic.

With newer and deadlier variants of COVID – 19 being found every few months, even after the lifting of the lockdown, many students preferred remote learning from their home countries.

Even though online classes proved to be the saviour during the pandemic, they came with disadvantages that increased the need for online assignment help by the students.

Some of the main reasons for the increased demand for online assignments help as a result of the high demand for online classes related to the lack of conceptual clarity that was present due to the following reasons –

  • Loss of the professor's personal touch – some students inherently have a shy nature and therefore shy away from clearing their doubts in front of an entire class. However, in physical classes, the students had the chance to consult the professor for any doubts they had in between classes or by visiting them in the teacher's room after university hours.

However, with the online classes, students missed out on this opportunity and more often than not, their doubts remained unsolved, leading to conceptual unclarity.

To gain conceptual clarity to understand a subject, students often look for online assignment help.

  • Connectivity Issues – the major flaw of online classes was the connectivity issue that the students face due to internet issues. With pausing a class due to poor connection or the cracking of the professor's voice, students miss out on several essential aspects of a topic or an entire topic. 

Missing out on essential parts or complete topics led to conceptual difficulties in the mind of the students.

As a result, students moved towards online assignment help for conceptual clarity on the missed topics.

  • Overlapping sounds during discussions – When a topic is required for discussion amongst the students to understand different perspectives, many students' voices overlap. The overlapping results from the students speaking simultaneously and the issue of online videos wherein the live voices are carried a little later than they are spoken.

With the lateness of carrying of voice as a result of live online classes, the overlapping of the perspectives of various students led to a lot of confusion for the other students.

The confusion led to miscommunication and conceptual challenges in the mind of various students.

As a result, the confused students decided to seek the help of a professional expert via online assignment help to gain conceptual clarity.

  • Disturbance – students attended the online classes from their place of residence. Attending classes from the comfort of their home proved to be a significant difficulty for the students who went to their home countries before the travel restrictions.

With the new concept of online studies, students often faced significant disturbance from their family members.

The disturbance could be the family members not understanding that a class is in progress and asking the student to help with some chores.

Additionally, the family could also be a source of disturbance as a result of the conversations that they were having with each other, where the background noise was a source of distraction.

Further, the family may completely ignore the timing of the online classes or if the classes are in progress and might start a meaningful conversation with the student, which they cannot avoid.

As a result of all these disturbances and distractions, the student loses focus in the class and may end up missing out on several essential parts of the lecture leading to conceptual difficulties.

To cancel out the effect of such distractions and disturbances, the students seek the help of experts to provide them with online assignment help to help them gain conceptual clarity in their course subjects.

Why Value Assignment Help (VAH)

To gain conceptual clarity concerning the entire syllabus or parts where the student faces difficulties, the students seek the help of professional experts.

The experts help the students complete their assignments and provide solutions to their queries in such a manner wherein they also gain conceptual clarity regarding the subject.

When a student decides to outsource their assignment to a professional writer, they come across various online platforms that provide online assignment help to students.

Value Assignment Help is regarded as one of the leading online assignment help portals worldwide due to its outstanding service to the students and the expertise of the writers that are part of VAH's faculty.

The online platform of VAH is considered the best and the most trustworthy by all the students.

Additionally, Value Assignment Help is also the top choice amongst students due to the following reasons –

  • PhD qualified experts - Our experts hold PhDs in their fields and have ten years of experience helping students with their assignments. These professionals are only chosen after clearing a complex and rigorous screening process that confirms their capability to help our students with their assignments.
  • Quality - We strive to give our students assignments of the highest quality. Our loyal customers testify to the excellence of our assignments. No matter how little time we have to complete an assignment, we guarantee it will be of the highest quality.
  • Round-the-clock (24/7) assistance - Our specialists are available to you round-the-clock via our online live chat portal. Recognizing the importance of your time and assignments, our professionals respond to your queries within a few minutes of you raising the query.
  • Unique, plagiarism-free content - We guarantee our users original content because each assignment is distinctively created by our professionals based on the supporting materials supplied by the user without using any search engine.
  • Delivery - We are renowned for completing every assignment we take on time. Your projects are not only delivered on time, but they have also undergone numerous quality checks and revisions, all of which are included in the time and cost of the entire assignment.
  • Reasonable pricing - For all of our assignments, we provide reasonable, budget-friendly pricing that helps reduce the students' financial stress. We also give our customers a choice to place bulk orders, in which case we accept orders for an entire semester. These large orders come with substantial discounts and the choice of paying with easy EMIs.
  • Confidentiality - We guarantee complete customer confidentiality, with the only mandatory field needed to continue and finish your assignment being your email address. 

In case the assignment requires additional details, the details are only kept to the expert with which the student is corresponding. 

Additionally, the student can ask the expert to leave the questions where the personal details are required, and the student can fill them in themselves.

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