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Best 160+ Problem Solutions essay topics

Education is a powerful tool to solve countless challenges of modern-day society. With the help of well-informed academic essays, students pen down their true emotions and gain a better perspective of society and its workings. Expressing thoughts and exploring the information helps students to find solutions to the questions asked by their curious minds. By working on these issues students sharpen their skills and develop insight for better solutions.  Education via a good informative essay is the key to solving all real-world problems and empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to find and understand the required change. 

Writing problem-solution essays not only raises awareness in students but also fosters critical thinking ability and problem-solving skills required to grow a keen skill to solve these problems. 

In this blog, we will discuss 160+ topics for problem-solution essays that will help all students expand their knowledge and get a wider perspective. If you want to get expert-written essays, choose the "write my essay" service and get professional help at the most affordable prices anytime.

Essay topics for 160+ Real-world Issues and Their Solutions 

 Global Climate Change - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Implementing Renewable Energy Solutions.
  • Reforestation And Afforestation For Climate Change.
  • Adopting Sustainable Agriculture Practices To Reduce Climate Changes.
  • Individual And Collective Actions To Reduce Carbon Footprints.
  • Raising Awareness Through Education About Climate Changes.
  • Green Building Standards For Climate Sustainability In The Future.
  • Government Policies And Effective Strategies For Fighting Climate Changes.
  • Finding Sustainable Transportation Solution For Climate Sustainability.
  • Protecting Vulnerable Communities By Protecting the Environment.
  • International Climate Agreements For Climate Changes.
  • How To Tackle Global Climate Change Individually 

Poverty And Economic Inequalities - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Effect Of Universal Basic Income For Reducing Poverty 
  • Equal Educational Access To All For a Better Future 
  • Affordable Healthcare Solutions For Minority Individuals 
  • Job Creation Strategies For Economic Growth And Development 
  • Empowering Communities With Microfinance 
  • Alering Taxation Policies To Solve Income Inequality
  • Social Welfare Programs For Vulnerable Population 
  • Promoting Gender Equality In The Workplace For Economic Balance For All 
  • Addressing The Housing Crisis And Exploring Solutions 
  • Community Development Programs To Eradicate Poverty 
  • Can A Nation Grow When Part Of Its Population Is Facing Economic Inequalities?

Healthcare crisis  - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Need For Change In Healthcare Systems To Combat Healthcare Crises
  • How To Achieve Universal Health Coverage
  • Need For Vaccination And The Impact Of Proper Vaccination 
  • Need For Improving Sanitation And Hygiene Conditions In Local Communities 
  • Awareness For Early Detection Of Diseases And Stopping The Widespread 
  • Need For Making Medications Affordable And Accessible 
  • Empowering Communities For Better Health With Proper Awareness
  • Finding The Ways For Telemedicine Solutions
  • Need For Research And Development For Medical Advancements
  • Addressing All Global Health Challenges 

Education  - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • How To Ensure Equal Education For All 
  • Strategies For Improving Rural Education
  • Scholarships And Financial Aid To Make Education Affordable 
  • Supporting Diverse Learners With Inclusive Education Policies 
  • Need For Digital Learning And Its Future 
  • Enhancing Quality Of Education With Teacher Training 
  • Investment In Early Childhood Education For a Better Future 
  • How To Work In Building Strong Educational Networks For Students 
  • Need For Curriculum Reforms To Address Educational Needs
  • Overcoming Language Barriers In Education With Multilingual Learning 

Gender Inequality  - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Need For Change In Policies In Achieving Equal Pay For Equal Work
  • Gender Discrimination In Leadership Positions
  • Legal And Social Reforms To Combat Gender-Based Violence 
  • Promotion Of Education For Girls And Women
  • Need For Equal Parental Leaves 
  • Strategies For Childcare Services For Working Parents
  • Contribution Of Women In Various Industries And Need For Equal Pays 
  • Altering Legal Reforms To Ensure Gender Equality
  • Spreading Awareness About Gender Bias And Stereotypes
  • Need For Supporting Women Entrepreneurs 

Racism - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Need For Learning Anti-Racism Education In Schools
  • Promoting Inclusion With Diverse Hirings 
  • Increasing Racial Representation In Media Platforms 
  • Altering Legal Reforms To Solve Racial Discrimination
  • Need For Building A Trustful Society And Increasing Safety
  • Policies For Supporting Minority Enterprises
  • Including Inclusive Curriculum Development In Schools
  • Increase In Cultural Exchange Programs To Foster Combined Growth 
  • Legal Changes To Combat Racism In Country 
  • Need For Proper Advocacy In All Racially Discriminating Cases  

Water Scarcity- Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Development Of Water Conservation Techniques For The Future  
  • Need For Implementing Efficient Irrigation Systems 
  • Choosing Rainwater Harvesting For Water Sustainability 
  • Exploring Strategies To Implement Desalination Technologies 
  • Need For Protecting Water Sources From Overuse Or Pollution  
  • Generating Public Awareness For Water Scarcity In All Communities 
  • Introduction Of Water Recycling Programs To Save Water Resources 
  • Need For Better Government Policies For Water Management 
  • Developing Community Water Recycling Solutions In Rural Areas
  • Introduction Of International Policies Water Management

Food Security - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Ensuring Food Security With Better Farming Techniques 
  • Introduction Policies For Reducing Food Waste
  • Need For Promoting Urban Agriculture For Food Production
  • Efficient Food Distribution Systems For Low Food Wastage
  • Strategies To Promote Healthy Eating In Rural Communities 
  • Affordable Food Supplies Low-Income Communities
  • Need For Establishing Food Banks 
  • Supporting Small Farmers Through Local Purchases 
  • Advanced Food Production Strategies To Increase Crop Yield 
  • Need For Stronger Food Security Policies To Ensure Farmer Earnings 

Mental Health Security - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Better Availability Of Mental Health Services For All
  • Need For Education About Mental Health In Schools And Workplaces
  • Introduction Of Mental Health Programs In Workplaces 
  • Reducing Stigma Around Mental Health Through Public Awareness
  • Need For Community Help In Combating Mental Crisis 
  • Developing Remote Services For Mental Health Care
  • Introduction Of Mental Health Classes From Primary Education 
  • Proper Care Facilities For Mental Health Disorders  
  • Investment In Research On Mental Health Disorders By Government 
  • Need For Better Government Policies To Support Mental Health Initiatives

Homelessness and economic crisis  - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Need For Affordable Housing Initiatives By Government 
  • Development Of Homelessness Prevention Programs
  • Strategies For Support Services For Homeless Individuals
  • Need For Early Job Training And Employment Training Programs In Teens 
  • Protection From Substance Abuse At an Early Age 
  • Awareness About Housing First Approaches In Individuals 
  • Need For Better Legal Reforms To Protect Homeless Individuals
  • The Help Of Community In Combating Homelessness 
  • Need For Better Government Funding For Housing Projects
  • Rise In Public Awareness Of Seriousness About Homelessness

Cybersecurity - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Enhancing Cybersecurity And Protecting Data In The Digital Age
  • Measures To Fight Cybercrime For Secure Online Transactions
  • Building A Robust Cybersecurity Framework For Businesses
  • Need For Training Individuals About Cybersecurity 
  • Measures Protecting Online Privacy
  • Role Of Government In Strengthening Cybersecurity
  • Emerging Technologies In Support Cybersecurity
  • Need For Cybersecurity In The Age Of Iot
  • Best Methods Preventing Data Breaches
  • Collaboration Of Publics And Private Sector For Cybersecurity

Animal welfare - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Need For Improving Animal Welfare In Cities
  • Measures To Preserve And Create Habitats For Wildlife
  • Humane Measures For Reducing Stray Animal Populations
  • Promoting Communal Responsibility To Take Care Of Strays  
  • Role Of Animal Shelters For Animal Welfare 
  • Innovative Programs For Animal Welfare 
  • Need For Awareness And Education On Animal Welfare
  • Role Of Government For Better Animal Welfare Legislations
  • Sustainable Measures Of Urban Farming And Livestock With Respect For Animal Welfare 
  • Use For Better Technology In Creating Tools For Better Animal Care

Microplastic Pollution - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Tackling Microplastics To Find Solutions For Effective Removal 
  • Need To Reduce Microplastics From Ocean Bodies 
  • Role Of Consumer Behavior In Increasing Microplastics
  • Innovation To Find Technologies To Filter Microplastics From Water
  • Need For Reducing Microplastics For Healthy Lives
  • Educational Needs To Raise Awareness About Microplastics
  • Need For Reform Legislation To Limit Microplastic Pollution
  • Strategies To Reduce Microplastics In The Food Chain
  • Impact Of Microplastics On Ecosystem 
  • Finding The Biggest Contributors Of Microplastic 

Sustainable Tourism - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Need For Promoting Sustainable Tourism 
  • Measures For Reducing The Environmental Impact Of Tourism
  • Use Of Sustainable Tourism For Supporting Local Communities
  • Tips For Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Travel Planning
  • Role Of Technology In Promoting Sustainable Tourism
  • Government Policies Introduce Sustainable Tourism 
  • Need For Educational Research For Responsible Tourism
  • Benefits And Challenges Of Sustainable Tourism And Eco-Friendly Travelling 
  • Impact Of Eco-Friendly Tourism And Wildlife Conservation
  • Innovative Approaches To Reduce Tourism Waste

Remote Working  - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Best Strategies For Successful Remote Working 
  • Measures For Maintaining Productivity In A Remote Work Environment
  • Securing Work-Life Balance For Wfh Employees 
  • Building Effective Remote Work Policies
  • Technological Advancement In Increasing Efficiency Of Remote Working 
  • Need For Social Connection During Remote Working 
  • Training Employees To Lead Remote Projects Effectively
  • Need For Cybersecurity For Remote Workers 
  • Need To Create Healthy Remote Working And Social Life Balance 
  • Impact Of Remote Work On Mental Health
  • Need for Remote Working in Best Talent Acquisition 

Political Corruption - Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Effective Strategies To Combat Corruption 
  • Transparency In Government Working For Reducing Political Corruption
  • Role Of Whistleblowers In Opposing Corruption
  • Need For Better Anti-Corruption Laws And Regulations
  • Awareness For Promoting Ethical Working In Politics
  • Importance Of Public Awareness To Fight Political Corruption
  • Advancement In Technological Solutions To Monitor And Inhibit Corruption
  • International Regulations For Fighting Corruption 
  • Impact Of Corruption On Democracy And Electoral Campaigns 
  • How To Tackle Corruption On An Individual Level 


Summing up the blog, problem-solution essays are an important tool for addressing current trending issues within our society. Problem-solving essays not only highlight occurring issues but also offer practical and innovative solutions to solve the issues. Such essays encourage critical thinking, and decision-making abilities, and make education fun, knowledgeable, and exciting for all. If you also need Assignment help in Australia, you can get professional help from our online essay help services. Problem-solution essays are more than just academic work for a student but by engaging in these essays, students can develop a proactive mindset that can positively shape the society of the future. 

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