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Brands’ Take on the Royal British Coronation

Following the demise of Queen Elizabeth II last year, Prince Charles III and his wife Camilla were announced as the king and queen of the British monarchy on 6th May. The British Royal family is hosting a coronation ceremony after seven decades. No wonder the celebrations are grander than ever. A trimmed list of 2000 guests is prepared, who witnessed the once-in-lifetime event at the royal house. 

Although the exit of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, from the royal family has sparked controversy, it has not hindered the global celebrations worldwide. 

This article will look at brands’ take on the coronation ceremony. Although several London streets are filled with coronation-themed mugs and t-shirts, the coronation fever has also caught many international brands in the wave.   

Let us look at what different brands are marking the coronation of Charles III and his wife Camilla as the king and Queen of Britain as a memorable event. 

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Cadbury makes a hand-made replica of the royal crown:

Cadbury and the royal family share a deep connection that dates back to 1902 when Cadbury celebrated the coronation of King Edward. Since then, Cadbury has always been at the forefront of the royal celebrations.

This time, to celebrate the coronation of Charles III, Cadbury has designed a custom replica of the British crown. Again, Cadbury has outdone itself since the replica looks the same as the real crown. The crown was designed and crafted by Dawn Jenks and Donna Oluban in two days, and the final results are breathtaking. 

The crown is crafted out of milk and white chocolate with a sparkle of golden and silver-coloured edible glitter. The crown stands 45 cm tall, 15 cm taller than the original crown.

And that is not it; Cadbury has also launched a limited-edition coronation chocolate bar in regal purple, with the image of the royal crown in the centre and the custom “The King’s Coronation” at the centre left corner of the bar. 

And Cadbury is not the only chocolate brand to celebrate the occasion. And one of the top competitors of Cadbury- Hershey, has come up with a new line of limited-edition chocolates named “Reese’s Crown”.

Uber, an online cab service, offered rides in the royal carriage to mark the royal event. The special offer was available for customers in London from May 3 to May 5. The carriage was drawn by 4 regal white horses and a dapper in the 76-acre-long Dulwich Park in southern London. 

Uber came up with the idea of offering one of the most unique rides in the world through a public survey. The survey of Brit people revealed that (48%) of people would like to ride the royal carriage. 

Britain's award-winning luxury watch brand is paying homage to the British royal family. William Woods Watches is a luxury watch brand established in 2016. 

To mark the occasion of the coronation, the relatively new player in the market has come up with limited-edition coronation watches. 

The watch, designed by William Woods Watches, features the “British Anniversary 2023” logo on the centre dial to mark the occasion. Unfortunately, only 30 pieces were designed, which have now been sold. 

Bremont paid special homage to the royals:

Britain's aviation-themed luxury watch designer is also celebrating Charles III’s coronation. And the launch of the Bremont MBII King Charles III watch is its way of remembering the great occasion. 

The fancy watch designer has gone above the board to dedicate the entire back panel of the watch to King Charles III’s coronation emblem. Have a look yourself. 

Heinz ketchup is now Heinz Kingchup:

Heinz, the American food conglomerate, has altered the name of its iconic ketchup to “Kingchup” to mark the occasion. In addition, the limited edition bottles have been uniquely numbered. And the number one has been sent to King Charles III himself, marketing beat highlighted. 

Burger King changes its iconic logo in London:

Ahead of the coronation, burger king removed “burger” from its logo at its flagship restaurant in London, as reported by the Marketing Beat. 

Burger King also launched the special Burger King Coronation deal. 

Even the popular clothing brand Marks and Spencer launched limited Merchandized plates ahead of ssssssKing’s coronation.

Charles III’s portrait on bread and spread:

Not only famous brands but local artists are also celebrating in their way. For example, look at this stunning portrait of Charles III, made out of toasted slices of bread and spreads.

Royal coins launched by royal mint:

The most iconic homage to the coronation is given by the royal mint, which released limited edition memorial coins. The coins feature the denomination of UK 50p and 5 pounds. Additionally, coins are released in silver and gold too!


People are excited about the new successor to the royal family. And with a new monarch, we can only hope that new reforms are also coming. 

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