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Canada's two-year cap Announcement for International Students

Canada was once known for its open-door policy for all international students, but an immediate implementation of a two-year cap on international students has proved it wrong. The cap will limit the number of new approved study permits to 360,000 in 2024, a swooping 35% decrease from last year's intake, which was nearly 560,000. This is to maintain the current level of international students in the country without any further growth, and this decision will be reassessed at the end of 2024 for fresh 2025 intake. 

Canada's Two-Year Cap Announcement For International Students

This dramatic policy shift has left aspiring international students confused and searching for query-resolving bodies. The Canadian government stated that due to the aggregate international student crowd, the country is facing a few severe crises, and to protect the country's resources and the existing student population. These policies were a must to introduce.  

The top issues why these policies were framed -  

  • Housing crisis.

  • The strain on the infrastructure.

  • Protection from scams. 

  • Current students' protection.

Due to rapidly rising housing costs and limited housing availability, students are already suffering. There are concerns about increasing pressure on the healthcare and education institutes that the country currently possesses, too. 

Canada has also maintained a few additional measures. From January 2024, all international students must demonstrate proof of having CAD 20,635 for living expenses, up from CAD 10,000 that was previously accepted. Even though doubled CAD was enough to worry the international crowd already, open work permits for spouses of international students have also been limited only to students enrolled in master's or doctoral degrees.

It is also suggested that the students will not be limited to top provinces to benefit the country as a whole unit. The number of international students in each province will also be maintained and specified separately to keep the country's development equal for each province. There are a few changes in the post-study work permit programs, too. Providing a few international students with a post-work visa will also be prohibited. It will stop the work permits of those students who begin the program where the private colleges deliver lectures in public colleges with licences.  

It is a matter of concern for the Canadian government that the number of fake degree providers (a few private institutes) in the country is at an alarming rate. This move will help the country fight and take action against all those fake institutes to help the students get the real and best education in the country.  

Their minister was quoted as saying, "To maintain a sustainable level of temporary residence in Canada, as well as ensure that there is no further growth in the number of international students in Canada for 2024, we are setting a national application intake cap for two years from 2024." 

Though the country accepts that these solutions will not be the only solution for all the housing and sustainability issues, it is important to implement this policy to protect the country's resources and develop the country to benefit every student currently residing there.

Do you want to Study in Canada too? The Indian student crowd, which has always been in the top five to choose Canada as their study destination, will face a lot of issues and rejections. Though these policies will not affect the current international crowd in the country, it is a matter of concern for everyone else who wants to pursue studies in Canada.

After questioning on the policy it was thought that this could be due to discrimination against international students and socio-econimic crowds but the Ministers have assured that this step is not against any international student. Still, it is to ensure that the future student population will be receiving the true and best quality of education that they initially signed up for. They do not get scammed by any of the fake degree providers. 

There have been clashes due to this policy, and blame was placed on the government that they were the ones to issue all the permits, and now, due to their mismanagement and incompetence, this policy is being established. It is foreseen that there will be a financial fall for all the government and private institutes in the country, which will directly impact the research and academics of the institutes. 


Ultimately, implementing the cap struck the international crowd with potential adjustments and worries about their dreams for the future in Canada. Such a sudden policy change is being termed a real-life solution by the federal government. Finding the perfect balance between addressing the concerns and safeguarding the students will be essential, so the next two years will be crucial. They will determine the future of the country and its population. Moreover, critical analysis is required for a sustainable future, and adaptability from the students and the country is the only solution that will benefit all. 

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