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Case study on the movie Avatar and its influence

Avatar-A way of water hit the theatres on December 16th this year, and oh my! What a buzz it has created. Those who have watched it cannot stop talking about it, and those who are yet to watch it can not wait! The excitement is real! 

Its craze among the audience is evident from the box office earnings the movie is collecting. After five days on the silver screen, the movie has earned close to 3 Billion dollars worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film of all time. 

From graphics and animations to applauding James Cameron, director of the film, for his hardcore dedication and direction, the movie is the talk of the town, or we can say talk of the world.

Its first part was released in 2009, Avatar, and only after 13 years of scrutiny and hard work by the movie crew, the sequel hit the theatres on the 16th of this month and has left the audience in complete awe. 

case study on the movie avatar and its influence

But do you know that as per the report of Cinematic slant, the sequel for the movie has varied from two to five times and some claim even more? Moreover, the actual release date has been pushed even since rumours of a sequel emerged in 2014.

The craze about the film is evident in the audience, and thanks to the marketing strategy of Avatar filmmakers, even popular brands cannot stop talking about it. As a result, many brands have incorporated the same in their advertisements, and today, we bring you the list of marketing campaigns that Avatar inspires.

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Mercedes Benz: Vision AVTR:

The partnership with Avatar began back in 2020 when the concept of Vision AVTR was released at CSE in Las Vegas. Since then, the car named "Vision AVTR" has been the concept of interest for many, and now, as the concept has become a reality, the car has been featured in the blockbuster premiere of the film.

Coca-Cola merger with Avatar:

Coca-Cola zero's direct merger with Avatar filmmakers and studio has resulted in creation of AVTR website. Besides the official website that will feature live updates about the film, coca-cola has also launched the limited-edition collection of zero coke featuring blue and black colours with the 'AVTR" logo. 

MacDonald's Collaboration with Avatar in its marketing campaign: Big Mac Avatar meal:

In the hopes of boosting sales and attracting younger customers, MacDonald's has collaborated in promoting Avatar in America and has launched the Big Mac Avatar meal, Limited edition happy meal toys and even "McD Vision" after the science-fiction movie. The theme is clear blue and is named "Awaken the Thrill". 

McD vision is an augmented reality experience that offers 360-degree views through access to a webcam and either "MacDonald's Avatar Thrill card" or "graphic image printout" that are exclusively available from December 18th to January 7th 2023. 

Neil Golden, Chief marketing officer of MacDonald's in the U.S., said last week during a public conference call that the campaign is "one of the unique digital advertisements they have ever created."

The campaign is, however, not just limited to America and Australia. Parts of Europe follow a similar theme with various techniques. 

Amazon Echo:

"Alexa, enable Avatar Theme", the man requested Amazon Echo, and soon the light turned blue, alarms synced, and he was ready to experience the mysterious beauty of Pandora.

In its latest edition, Amazon Echo incorporated Avatar in the form of music, sound and a few themes from the movie; however, most users have complied about "getting bored" too quickly. To disable the theme, you have to say, "Alexa, disable the Avatar theme, " and it will be turned off.

Loreal NYX makeup collection:

Loreal NYX has launched a limited edition makeup collection with the theme of "Pandora land and see". The collection features an eye shadow pallet, lipsticks, lip gloss, makeup setting spray, and other makeup products. 

All the products are a part of the limited-edition collection and feature assorted makeup looks and "avatars".

Amul: Avatar: The Way of Butter'

Anand Milk Union Limited (AMUL) is a dairy product manufacturer and supplier giant based in India. The company, which generated annual revenue of more than 5 Billion in 2022, has been taken aback by the movie and has displayed the same in the advertisement. A brand based in Gujrat, India, is known for its trending marketing posts and strategies. It has always been in the talks for gathering top customer attraction by frequently engaging in trending events and activities.

Keeping with the same spirit, recently, the brand launched its newest ad campaign featuring iconic Jake Sully riding over water. The poster has received massive applause from its audience, and even famous Indian Media houses have covered the story. While some compare it to "the great lord Shiva", some are awestruck by the poster.

'Lego+ Avtar way of water collection:

Iconic toymaker brand "Lego" released its idea for an official collection of Lego sets for kids in November this year, even before the movie was released on December 16th. Naturally, this created hype among citizens that the Lego set might hold some hidden facts and glimpses about the movie. Although the toys will be available for purchase from the first day of the new year, it surely stirred the imagination of its customers and created some buzz in the market. In addition, the toys in the collection are priced lower than the "Avatar 1 collection" back in 2009. This time price starts at just £19.99/$24.99 / €24.99.  

 Astral Adhesives:

Bond tile, a product of Astral adhesives, an Indian-origin brand that deals in a diversified range of Adhesives, recently launched its adhesive advertisement inspired by Avatar. 

The advertisement features one of its adhesives that is effective in waterproofing, sealing furniture and other products. 

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