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Corporate culture represents the environment of an organisation that is created with a collection of shared values, attitudes, beliefs, opinions and company policies. To achieve business success, establishing a productive corporate culture is essential. In Australia, many university students pursuing higher education take our organisational culture assignment help to them score top grades. If academic winning is something you often see in your dreams, contact our highly qualified writers who specialise in providing online corporate culture assignment help at pocket-friendly prices.

What are the four types of corporate culture?

Every organisation has its own corporate culture, but there are several types you can identify with when looking for a job. In addition, some companies may fit a combination of these corporate cultures rather than just one.

The following are four types of corporate culture:

1. Advocacy Culture

Companies with an advocacy culture focused on change, risk and innovation. They value employees who think creatively and come up with new ideas. These companies are always forward-thinking and developing new products. Strategy and brainstorming sessions are encouraged to share ideas and move the company forward.

2. Clan Culture

Companies with a clan culture, also known as a "family culture," are team-oriented, action-oriented, and embrace change. Employee happiness and job satisfaction are top priorities for organisations with highly collaborative work environments. Employees are valued at these companies and encouraged to give feedback and communicate openly.

3. Hierarchical Culture

In a hierarchical culture, management and employees are separated. They operate in a risk-averse work environment with well-defined procedures. These occupations usually have a rigid structure that includes defined working hours and a fair dress code. Instead of focusing on employee relations or feedback, the focus is on day-to-day operations.

4. Market Culture

Companies with a market culture prioritise profitability and market share. This is the most aggressive and competitive type of corporate culture. They are results-oriented organisations focusing on the bottom line and financial success rather than employee satisfaction. These companies focus on meeting quotas, reaching goals and achieving results.

What are the major components of corporate culture?

A solid corporate culture benefits a business organisation in many ways. Every corporate culture is unique and is created by myriad factors. A great corporate culture is made up of the following six components:

Vision: A good corporate culture begins with a vision statement that advances the company's values and gives it a purpose. In turn, every decision made by the employees is purpose-oriented. Therefore, a vision is a fundamental component of the corporate culture.

Values: Values ​​of an organisation are central to its culture. Values ​​guide the mindset and behaviour necessary to achieve the organisational vision.

People: People are the critical components of the corporate culture. A coherent culture cannot be built without people or human resources who either share the core values ​​of that culture or can embrace those corporate values. This is the main reason why some of the most successful companies in the world have strict recruitment and selection policies. Individuals stick with the corporate culture they find appropriate and reasonable, and the corporate culture that a company already has can be strengthened or strengthened by bringing in appropriate carriers of the culture. The values must be authentic and original.

Behaviour: The importance and benefits of a set of values ​​can be realised only when these values ​​are embedded in the company's practices. Therefore, values ​​should be baked into the organisational principles and culture.

What are the Role and Functions of Corporate Culture?

Organisational culture performs many functions within an organisation. These are as follows:

1. Provides a sense of identity

Organisational culture conveys a sense of identity to the members of the organisation.

Known to many as a fun workplace, it values ​​employee satisfaction and customer loyalty over corporate profits.

2. Generates Collective Commitment

Organisational culture facilitates the generation of a commitment to an organisation's mission that is greater than one's self-interest.

When there is a robust and pervasive culture, people feel they are part of that larger, well-defined whole.

Firms with a good culture can commit to the highest quality of customer service.

3. Reinforces Values ​​and Behaviors

Organisational culture articulates and reinforces standards of behaviour. It guides the employees with words and actions. Thus, it is beneficial for newbies. In this sense, organisational culture provides stability to behaviour. Additionally, it reinforces the organisation's values. It helps employees understand why the organisation does what it does and how it wants to meet long-term goals.

4. Social order promotes stability

Social stability is enhanced by organisational culture. The stability of the social system reflects the extent to which the work environment is perceived as positive and robust and the extent to which conflict and change are effectively managed.

5. Gives members a clear view

An organisational culture gives its members a clear vision of its mission.

It also presents a consistent image for its markets, customers and clients.

Over time, this image can give an organisation a competitive advantage by building a commitment to its products or services.

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