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Dealing With 9 Most Common Study Hurdles Using Simple Solutions

As terrifying as it sounds, getting stuck in a swamp full of books with no idea where to start is a common issue that students face while studying. This pressure of good grades is enough to distract you from your studies and make you feel lost in this high-paced world where sadly your marks determine the level of your hard work. Due to these hindrances in your mind, while you think about studying, you can easily let the soothing distractions of the internet and gossip row your boat towards procrastination till the clock strikes the hour for action and you are left with nothing. To ensure that you stay focused and deal with the most common study problems with the right solutions we have this blog made just for you to change the way you study and achieve academic success.


Lack of Motivation to Study

In the era of constant public approvals be the one who gathers their internal drive to impress themselves. Be proud of yourself and enjoy your slow progress while you achieve your small goals. Motivation is the main component of getting academic success so ensure you have something that inspires you. Set a realistic goal for yourself and share your progress with someone who will appreciate your efforts, it might be a study partner or one of your supportive guides and teachers. 

Faces Issues with Time Management.

Making a timetable is the easiest part of thinking you have time management skills, but implying those time slots in your daily schedules till you succeed is the toughest part. Constantly failing to follow a timetable will soon make you upset yourself so ensure your schedule is achievable. Start slowly and try to complete your tasks step by step and keep on enhancing your time management skills. Stay true to yourself and you’ll feel you are improving eventually. Avoid multitasking and focus on completing the task at hand for better results. 

Get Distracted Too Quickly 

Distractions are everywhere you look. Staying focused and not getting influenced by these distractions is quite challenging. Distractions like social media, TV, and games are not always effective, however, if you feel that these distractions are getting in the way of your academics and decreasing your productivity, they need to be corrected. We are not suggesting you stop all these activities, but prioritise your studying and limit the effect of your distractions. If you face issues with using the internet for studying, ensure you use your gadgets in focus mode and silence all the notifications till the time you are done with studying.

Cannot Remember the Facts and Figures that You Studied 

It is quite common to forget information when you have your schedule lined with different courses and subjects. So do not force yourself to study all subjects at once, it won’t work even if you are efficient. To make sure you retain what you have learnt try to schedule your days and keep them subject-specific. Keep your mind focused on one subject at a time till you find the right pace of learning and with proper hard work you will be able to manage all subjects together soon. Make flashcards of what you have studied and revise them every day no matter what subject to keep your mind fresh and connected to all subjects. 

Lack of Interest in the Subject You Are Studying 

If you think the subject you are studying currently has no use for you in the future and you don’t want to study it. Think about the effect this subject will have on your overall academic grades. If you don’t want to continue your subject in the future, you still need to keep up with it, get your knowledge expanded in general and ensure it doesn’t affect your overall grades. Incorporate interesting learning methods like study groups to motivate you to study. 

Get Anxiety When You Perform in Class

Getting anxious while you perform tests is very common. The stress of confusion and underperformance in a test is the main issue which cannot be cured instantly but it can be controlled over time. Be open about your mental health with someone reliable and practise relaxing activities in your daily lifestyle. Take practice tests before your final exam to keep you in touch with the exam pattern and if you have practised well be confident of yourself.

You Do Not Have Enough Study Material to Learn From

To learn well and perform accurately, you will need study material that is complete and updated till you are required to learn. If you lack enough study resources your learning will be short. To keep up with the information you can join any class study group, use public or college libraries and take help from your guardians and teachers to help you complete your resources to study well. The same goes for any technological resource like laptops and smartphones to search, you can opt for your institutional resources till required. 

You Feel You Don’t Have Enough Time for Your Study Schedules

If you feel like you don’t have time to manage all your work from school, college and extracurricular work together, keep a positive mindset to cheer your mood. You will need to make adjustments to your schedules. Try to use your free time in college and keep your priority tasks on top of your working lists to ensure you don’t stress and get overwhelmed. Keep your time organised and work on tasks as soon as you get them. 

You Procrastinate Your Tasks 

If you feel like you can manage all the tasks at the end time it will be done. You are just piling up your work and it will just make you more anxious in the peak time of submission and tests. Try to stick to your organised timetable and make sure you have set realistic goals for yourself that motivate you to work in parts rather than perform all tasks at once. 


Studying is never easy, to keep yourself from enjoying the leisure time and to make yourself stay focused on the subjects is quite a drastic turn. But it never goes to waste! Your hard work and efforts will ensure you have a brighter future and a fruitful academic life. You will need to change your habits and start getting rid of your distractions. It will require your efforts and motivation. It does not mean that you will be bound and taken away from all your fun. Keeping a balance between studying and cocurricular activities is a must to ensure you develop wonderfully and stay healthy and fresh from both your mind and your body.

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