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Free Sample For Manage ICT projects - ICTPMG505

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Q1 - Outline three effective communication and consultation techniques to gain ICT project information effectively.

Answer – 3 effective communication and consultation techniques that would be most effective in gaining ICT project information are –

Active listening: Paying attention to what others are saying and responding thoughtfully to their concerns can help to build trust and improve collaboration.

Feedback sessions: Setting up regular feedback ...

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Q2 - List steps that can be taken to prepare a business case

Answer – 

  • Develop financial projections
  • Conduct market research
  • Analyze risks and contingencies
  • Develop recommendations

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Q3 - List at least three characteristics that would benefit an ICT Project Manager.

Answer – 3 characteristics that would be beneficial for an ICT Project Manager are –

  • Leadership skills
  • Strong communication skills.

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Q4 - List the steps that can be taken to set up a technical team.

Answer – The steps that can be taken to set up a technical team are –

  • Recruit team members
  • Identify roles and responsibilities
  • Onboard new team members...

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Q5 - Describe the five steps of Tuckman's team development model in your own words.

Answer – The five stages of Tuckman's model of team development are:

Creating: In the creating phase, team members get to know each other and establish relationships. They are often polite and tentative in their interactions and may still need to be clear on the goals and objectives of the team.

Storming: In the storming stage, team members may experience conflict and disagreement as they assert their ideas and opinions...

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Q6 - Outline three effective consultation and communication strategies that could be used to gather ICT project information.

Answer – Regular meetings: Holding regular meetings with stakeholders and team members to discuss project goals, progress, and challenges helps keep everyone on the same page.

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Q7 - Describe three estimating and cost-analysis techniques.

Answer - There are three estimating and cost-analysis techniques:

Analogous Estimating: This technique involves using historical data from similar projects to estimate the cost of a new project.

Bottom-up Estimating: This technique estimates the cost of each task required to complete a project and ...

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Q8 - List at least three characteristics that would benefit an ICT technical team.

Answer – 3 characteristics that would be beneficial for an ICT technical team are –

  • Adaptability
  • Technical ability

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Q9 - Describe three effective interviewing techniques.

Answer – There are three effective interview techniques –

Open-ended questions: Asking open-ended questions during an interview can effectively elicit detailed and comprehensive responses from the interviewer. Open-ended questions allow the interviewee to express their thoughts and feelings more freely and ...

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Q10 - List two processes that can be used to monitor the project team and your performance during the project.

Answer – 2 Processes that can be used to monitor a project team as well as your performance during a project –

  • Performance reviews...

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Q11 - List and describe two project management methods that can be used to manage ICT projects.

Answer – Two project management methods that can be used to manage ICT projects are:

Agile Project Management: Agile is an iterative project management approach emphasising collaboration, flexibility, and adaptability. This method is well suited for ICT projects as it allows frequent adjustments to the scope and ...

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Q12 - Describe the main purpose and objectives of budgeting in project management.

Answer – The main purpose of budgeting in project management is to ensure that the project is completed within the allotted budget. The objectives of the budget include:

  • Identifying the resources needed to complete the project.
  • Estimating the cost of those resources...

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Q13 - Explain the concept of System Analysis.

Answer – System analysis is the process of analyzing a system to identify the components of a system and their interrelationships, as well as the functionality and behaviour of the system...

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Q14 - Outline a process for setting a project budget and ensuring proper cash flow.

Answer – The process of determining the project budget and ensuring proper cash flow involves the following steps:

Define project scope: Set specific goals, deliverables, and timelines.

Estimated Resource Requirements: Identify the resources needed to complete the project, including personnel, equipment, and ...

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Q15 - List and describe the key features of business process modelling techniques.

Answer – Key features of business process modelling techniques include:

Visualization: Business process modelling techniques use graphical representations to visualize the flow of work and information within a process, making it easier to understand and communicate.

Standardization: These techniques use standard symbols and notation to ensure everyone understands and communicates the same concepts and...

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