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Good News that has made the headlines in Feb23

As we wave goodbye to the winter chill and welcome the sweet scent of blossoming flowers, spring brings joy and optimism to our lives. And what better way to celebrate this season of renewal than by reflecting on the good news and heartwarming stories that emerged over the past month? Despite the turmoil and uncertainty, February gave us hope and a glimpse of progress that reminds us of the power of human resilience and kindness. From the discovery of new mineral reserves to tales of generosity and compassion from around the world, the good news of February has left us feeling inspired and uplifted. So, in this article, we'll take you on a journey through the most uplifting and inspiring stories from the past month, providing you with a much-needed dose of positivity and hope as we welcome the arrival of spring. So, let's soak up the warmth and beauty of this season and celebrate the good news of February with open hearts and renewed optimism.

Good News that has made the headlines in Feb23

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Brand new Lithium reserves:

Let's begin with some environment-friendly news to kick-start the article.

The world's Lithium reserve is up by 40% since the discovery of brand-new Lithium stock in Ladakh, India.

In a recent 62nd Central Geological Programming Board (CGPB) meeting held on Feb. 09 2023, the Geological Survey of India announced that they have been able to locate 5.9 million tones of the lithium reserve in Salal-Haimana area of Reasi District of Jammu & Kashmir (UT).

Other than this, more than 50 mineral blocks were also discovered in various states, such as Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, and Madhya Pradesh.

The discoveries presented are the collective findings from 2018 to the present.

The world is excited about the metal reserves since these would offer India an opportunity to dominate the global mineral market and dampen the oscillating mineral crises worldwide.

Ban on lead bullets in 30 countries: Major relief for dying birds:

Talking lithium and batteries, another significant component of the batteries are lead.

Do you know that almost 70% of the total lead reserves of the world are utilized for manufacturing Lead-acid batteries, followed by lead-made Arms and ammunition?

Lead is the forerunner in the arms and ammunition business, from making bullets to pellets due to its high malleability. But over the years, the use of lead in bullets has been a debate among environmentalists due to its poisoning risks to the environment and birds.

The primary source of lead exposure for birds is through the ingestion of lead ammunition and fishing tackle, which can end up in the environment and be mistaken for food by birds.

In the UK alone, more than 100,000 birds die from lead poisoning yearly. In the EU, the number of deaths from lead poisoning spiked to more than a million per year, especially in bird hunting sports.

 But that is the downer. The good news is that European Union has passed a law in counteraction.

On Feb. 16, the EU passed a law that banned all 27 EU nations, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein, from using lead shots in all wetlands.

Under the ban, non-toxic shots (such as those made from Bismuth) will be mandatory within the 1000m range of the wetland. Environmentalists are applauding the ban and calling it "reaching a milestone", The Guardian reported.

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A new shark to fund the Amazon forests:

Famously titled "the lungs of Africa", the Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world, spread across 6.7 million square kilometres. This massive jungle is home to over 40,000 plant species, 3,000 fish species, 1,300 bird species, 430 mammals and more than 2 million indigenous people.

However, Amazon has faced a pitiful fate over the past few decades. Massive deforestation, degradation and changing climate have mortified the wilderness. Moreover, 37% of what is left behind is exposed to degradation due to deforestation.

Hence, multiple efforts have been put in to replenish the rainforest. Recently, the president of the US, Joe Biden, joined the league when he promised to work with US congress to facilitate the finds for Amazon forests. The decision was announced in the second week of February after a meeting with the president of Brazil- Lula da Silva.

It will be the first time that the United States plans to save Africa's lungs.

Now, let us turn our heads toward some of the past events and exhibitions in February.

Once in a lifetime opportunity:

To begin with, for the first time in history, 28 out of 37 renowned paintings of Johannes Vermeer, a 17th-century Dutch Baroque painter, were exhibited at the Museum of Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam on Feb. 10. The painter, who lived from 1632 to 1675, has left behind a legacy of 37 paintings for the world to cherish. The sight was so rare that many people claim it to be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The tickets to the museum were pre-sold at a rate not witnessed by the museum ever before, and the event was the most extensive collection of Vermeer's work so far.

Biennial air show: Aero India:

Another grandeur event, Aero India, the largest air show in Asia, was hosted in India from Feb. 13 to Feb. 17. Held every alternate year, Aero India is a biennial air show putting the aerial defence of nations on display.

With the theme of "the runway to billion opportunities", the air exhibition marked many firsts during the event. From unveiling the country's first solar-powered drones to the inauguration of "Prachand"- a newly designed lightweight vehicle by PM Narender Modi, the show witnessed the brand-new signing of over 200 MoU during the event.

Tea and coffee festival in Saudi Arabia:

Organized in the city of Jeddah, The annual Coffee and Chocolate International Exhibition in Saudi Arabia gathers the most discerning palates worldwide. Exhibitors and visitors alike converge to experience the latest advancements and evolutions in the industry of coffee and tea. With seminars, workshops, and sampling opportunities, the exhibition offers an excellent experience that is certain to satiate the most discriminating of tastes.

Initiated in 2002, the 2-day fundraising event marked participants' attendance from 13 countries.

The largest food exhibition in the world:

Talking about beverages, the list cannot end without talking about the most significant food exhibition in the world- The Gulfood 2023.

Held from 20-24th February, the exhibition witnessed the participation of over 5000 companies from 120 countries. The event was hosted at Dubai International Convention and exhibition centre in Dubai.

Besides advertising delicacies from around the world, UAE plans to host COP28 later this year. Hence, the expo marked a solid first impression ahead of the presidency. The event also focused on enhancing sustainability in the food sector.

The largest dance Marathon: 

Other than dancing their hearts out, students at Penn State University in the United States took a challenge of "no sleeping or sitting" dance challenge and raised more than 15 million USD for treating children ailing from cancer. The event kick-started on Friday, Feb. 17, and ran non-stop till Sunday at 4 PM, with more than 16000 students participating for the cause, which made it an all-time-record high dance marathon.

The event was organized by "Four Diamonds", one of the largest non-profit organizations in the United States of America.

The deeds of generosity:

As the world witnessed the haphazard of destructive earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, many joined forces to offer help in any way possible. As of Feb. 21, Germany chipped forward monetary and humanitarian assistance of 108 million Euros to Turkey and Syria.

Furthermore, when the UN announced giving away 50 million USD to the relief operation, India initiated "Operation Dost" to aid quake-hit nations. Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Romania, France, India, the United States and the United Kingdom have volunteered to aid turkey in any form feasible. While few have sent aircraft packed with food and first response team, some nations have deployed search and rescue teams for quicker response during the catastrophe airing upon turkey.

Companies such as Apple, Google, TESCO, and Marks and Spencer are trying to help victims amid crises. IKEA has also come forward by sending 5,000 flat-pack shelters to Southern Turkey and northern Syria.

With the same theme of reaching out for a friend, India's Panacea Biotec has donated 125000 doses of the Pentavalent vaccine to Cuba. The pentavalent or 5-in-1 vaccine is a combination vaccine that can cure five life-threatening diseases in kids: Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Hepatitis B and Hib. 

These acts of generosity symbolize that humanity is still alive in this fast-pacing world, where many profits by befooling others.

We will delve into good news from the business and job market.

Despite massive layoffs and economic recession, we found good news from the job sector.

Budding jobs:

The IT sector faces the wrath of economic turmoil, with millions scrapped from their jobs. In the US, the unemployment rate rose 3.4 per cent in January after nearly 13 million jobs were cut. And the layoff plague is not only limited to the United States but has become a global phenomenon.

Where significant firms such as Google and Microsoft are shedding employees like a tree would shed leaves in autumn, some firms are hiring employees amid the recession. Take TCS (TATA Consulting services), for example. They are owned by Ratan Tata, one of the most influential people in the world with a net worth of over 3800 CR INR, the firm plans to hire employees laid off by other firms in India.

Investing in the bright future of Africa with the installation of solar panels:

Solar power is the non-perishable and ultimate energy source, which has 10,000 folds more potential than the entire population needs. If we power the entire planet with solar energy, we will harvest 0.1% of the total usable solar energy.

Since solar energy has such tremendous potential and supplementary energy sources are depleting, a new financial investment of nearly 100 million USD (92.63 million USD) will fund new developments for harnessing solar power in parts of Africa. The AFRIGREEN Debt Impact Fund will finance off-grid, small and medium-scale solar power plants across West and Central Africa in commercial and industrial settings.

Ban the balloon:

Talking about the sun, one of the sunshine states of the United States, California is famous for its long beachy coastlines, scenic views and varied marine life. And to protect the aquatic life of these marine animals, the city council of America has banned the use and sale of balloons on or near the beach. Many other states of the US have followed the same suit, with Maryland and Virginia adopting similar steps back in 2021 and other cities like New York hovering over similar decisions.


These are just a minute fraction of the positive stories and good deeds mushrooming worldwide. These stories serve as an escape from the commotion of everyday ruckus and plant seeds of hope in our hearts. Discussing and highlighting a few of those makes us look back and ponder on the shifting mindset of society where we love to squabble and react to negative news but devoid us of the luxury of communicating the news that makes the difference.

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