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Healthcare Management Assessment | VAH

Subject Code: MBA623

Subject Name: Healthcare Management Assessment

Title: Case Study Analysis Assessment

Your task
Individually, you are required to write a 2500-word analysis based on the annual report provided in MyKBS, under the assessments tab.

Assessment Description.

In this assessment, students will be given an opportunity to analyze the environment of healthcare management in Australia and the increasing need to deliver better value to all stakeholders by applying the principles of best practice leadership, team-building, and organizational design in a healthcare setting. You will need to demonstrate an understanding of the policy framework and the system dynamics driving change in the healthcare sector and an ability to evaluate the importance of sound financial management for healthcare organizations.

Assessment Instructions

An important skill that a healthcare manager must develop is the ability to analyze a health service or organization in terms of how well it is meeting its stated mission and objectives. Using the information from the Annual Report that will be provided to you in electronic format, you are to write a formal report that investigates the central organization in terms of its:

  1.  Political and policy environment
  2.  Organizational design and coordination
  3.  Leadership and teamwork
  4.  Financial resource utilization
  5.  Attitude to, and utilization of, technology

From your analysis of these elements, you will attempt to identify areas where improvements may be sought. You will justify your arguments for why these improvements should be introduced and present them in the form of detailed recommendations to the Chief Executive and the Board. You will undertake whatever additional research is required to give you a better understanding of the organization and its activities and any research that is needed for you to formulate your recommendations.

This research will form the basis of the Reference List of your report. The primary sources for research should be relevant published academic journals and texts but other sources of information such as newspapers, magazines and reports may also be of value. As stated earlier, the format for this assessment is a formal report. If you have not undertaken a task like this before, your research would also include how to structure and present information in a report format. An Executive Summary is considered to be a key component of a formal report and is included in the word count for this assessment.

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