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How to co-exist with AI

Why does this need to be discussed?

In the past few months, the demand for AI has spiked multifold. ChatGPT plays a dominant role in resurrecting the interest of young people in AI, fascinating and influencing people about all the possibilities of AI. People are excitedly experimenting with new ways to implement AI. Take AI in litigation or media, for instance. Every tech firm wishes to catch up on the trend of AI implementation. 

How to co-exist with AI

However, as per a recent report, ChatGPT will alone sweep more than 3 Cr jobs in the future. So imagine the destruction when every arena employs AI instead of humans.

So with changing times, humans need to evolve their mindset about changing job roles and expectations. This article is aimed at achieving the same.

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If you wish to shop grocery, the first step would be to decide the items, budget, market, and mode of transportation. And then the second stage would be procuring items. Similarly, every task involves two stages- decision-making and doing the physical work.

Artificial intelligence, commonly known as (AI), already dominates humans in task processing. For example, online shopping, one-stop home delivery, and faster modes of transportation have eliminated the labour involved in grocery shopping. 

However, with recent advancements, AI is also being trained to make decisions, replacing the need for humans altogether. Now, online shopping apps can customize your order per your past orders and meal preferences, eliminating the need for decision-making.

Today, AI can access and manipulate human thinking behaviours, posing serious threats of crippled decision-making. 

In Artificial intelligence, human involvement and employment are limited to only decision-making. If the power to make decisions is scrapped from humans, millions go unemployed. 

And the recent AI revolution is doing the same, eliminating the need for humans.

So, the threats to your job being replaced by AI are genuine. However, this article outlines the current market scenario to guide you through the evolving market roles.

Current market scenario:

AI in Media:

In recent news, Kuwait’s first AI-generated News presenter, Fedha, was unveiled on Kuwait news Website on Saturday. Like the Women news presenter, Fedha has blonde hair and a fair complexion and wears a black jacket and black t-shirt, resembling a human news anchor. 

And a few weeks back, India also launched the country’s first news anchor- Sana- on India Today Group. Vice-chairperson of India Today group launched Sana to the world. 

Recently, the trend of making everything artificially intelligent comes at the cost of human intelligence. 

Although the first AI news anchor was unveiled by China back in 2018, the recent AI revolution is scaling heights like never before. 

Let us look at another field recently touched by AI- litigation. 

The first AI lawyer debuted in a US court in the past few months. And with its introduction in the litigation arena, the world is equally amazed and terrified, since before the admission of AI Lawyer, a lawyer was considered one of the most susceptible jobs to AI tech. 

And AI in innovative classes and sophisticated medical equipment is already available. 

Soon, AI tech will colonize every domain. And like every other revolution, such as the industrial revolution, the internet revolution, or the latest AI revolution, humans must accept and adapt to the changing times.

Stop resisting; start adopting AI:

People are afraid that AI will eat up their jobs. More than 25% of Americans feel threatened by AI taking over their job. And rightly so; by the end of the decade, AI will take up a billion jobs and make over 300 million jobs obsolete, Zippa, a career expert site, highlighted. 

So, looking through the pink glass, we still have till the end of the decade before the complete AI revolution unravels. However, some jobs like bookkeeping in accounting and proofs reading in journaling are already substituted.

So the only approach forward is to stop resisting and adopt the changes. 

Recent attempts to resist the developments in AI:

Recently, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Inc, SpaceX, and the new leader of Twitter, urged global leaders to sign an open letter. The letter asked to halt any superior technological developments than ChatGPT-4 for six months. 

ChatGPT, the product of his former company- OpenAI, amassed more than a million users in just five days of its launch in November 2022. ChatGPT is a chatbot that gives specialized answers to the questions asked. In the past five months, ChatGPT has amassed global fame for generating computer codes, long essays, and giving sophisticated answers to almost every question.

However, with the rise in popularity, ChatGPT garnished Microsoft’s backing, which became a source of envy for other tech giants like Google and Meta. 

But now, Elon Musk is urging the world to stop further developments in the AI arena for potential risk assessments of the widespread application. 

To some extent, we agree with the idea of risk assessment. However, the world can’t simply halt just because someone decides to do a risk assessment. The noble idea of risk assessment has to be undertaken with advancing developments in AI. The idea is to co-exist with AI.

How to co-exist with AI?

During the pandemic in 2020, the early intimation of the outbreak would have saved millions of lives. The world would have been better equipped to deal with the pandemic, just like the second wave of the pandemic, which was deadlier but was not as fatal as the first wave. 

Similar is the case with AI. 

The world repeatedly warns about the recent AI outbreak that will spread like a pandemic, killing millions of jobs. So, equipping better mitigation strategies will only prove fruitful.

  • To co-exist with AI, the first and foremost step is to acknowledge its benefits and to understand the reasons for AI’s deep and fast penetration in the market.
  • The next step is to identify the potential gaps in the market. The idea is to look for jobs that cannot be replaced by AI, such as caregivers, empathizers, mentors, HR managers, singers, priests, market strategists, spiritual figures, etc.
  • Pick a field of your choice and develop expertise. 
  • However, if AI threatens your job, such as software engineer, the ideal step is to either evolve your skill set in the same domain or migrate to other suiting roles. 

The aim is to be prepared for the upcoming dominance of AI in the market. 

The approach forward:

As per the report of the world economic forum, by 2025, 85 million jobs will be replaced by technology, but 97 million new roles will also be created. So, evolving with the dynamic market is the only approach forward. 


On the one hand, if AI scrapes a million opportunities from humans, on the other hand, AI is also generating new roles. So all we have to do is adapt to newer job roles. 

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