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The American Bluff

It was 3rd February 2023 when a freight train packed with chemicals to the rim suddenly derailed. The cascading snowballed the impact, and what followed was a pure ruckus—just around 9 PM, 50 train blocks caught fire, lighting up the entire sky. The orange glow and the dark clouds were visible from the nearby villages, which were asked to evacuate more than 5,000 residents from the town of Ohio and Pennsylvania. The incident occurred on the train from Pennsylvania to Illinois on Norfolk Southern Railway in East Palestine, Ohio, United States. Following the accident, on the 6th of February, the officials burned the gas under controlled conditions, contaminating the air and degrading the air quality even further.

The American Bluff

As per the officials, the train was carrying hazardous chemicals such as vinyl chloride, a colourless gas deemed carcinogenic by the National cancer institute of the United States. The short-term impact of the gas is irritation in the eyes, vomiting and headaches. 
But, what is interesting is that in the immediate aftermath, the government asked the officials to evacuate the nearby residents and did not reveal the chemical components in the train boxes. On top of that, as per the press note released on the official website of the Ohio Governor, the municipal water supply is safe to consume. However, contrary to his released press note, he preferred bottled water just to be safer when asked what kind of water he would drink.
 Besides groundwater being deemed safe in the press note, what about the safety of the thousands of aquatic life that call the Ohio River their home? Ohio officials confirmed that over 3500 fish bodies were found dead on or on the shores of the Ohio River. That is just the aquatic life; nearly 10 million people are directly or indirectly dependent on the Ohio River; what about their safety?
Many endangered people have begun probing the government for their silence. Social networking site- Twitter is also flooded with tweets about the state's horrific condition, and the government's piling lies.
Compounding on the matter, several tweets pinning the blame on the trump government have also surfaced. During the reign of Donald trump In the United States, US regulations eased the safety regulations, which is backfiring.
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg also spoke against the Trump government, claiming that safety regulations in our country were in competence with “Historic investments” in the safety arena, which was later constrained by the reign of the trump government. In 2018, the trump government surpassed the safety procedure of employing electronically controlled pneumatic brakes in Chemical-carrying locomotives.
Although employing the electronically controlled pneumatic brakes adds to the locomotive's safety, since there is yet no evidence on what caused the rail derailment, we are still not sure that a catastrophe of this extent could have been avoided.

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