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Why "Fair Visa, Fair Chance" Matters for UK Economy

The UK economy is finally rising over the tides of recession. Since 2022, the UK experienced minimal to no growth. Amid such crucial recovery time, UK government has introduced a policy review for Graduate Route Visa.

UK Student visa

The program allows international students to gain 2-year work experience in UK after their graduation from UK University.

International students, which pumped nearly 42 billion pounds to UK economy, are threatened by the review; and hence have launched “Fair Visa, Fair Chance” campaign. The campaign advocates for continuation of Graduate Route Visa program, which is currently under scrutiny by Migration Advisory Committee (MAC).

In this article we will discuss about post-study Graduate Route Visa, its importance, and why it matters for UK economy.

Fair Visa, Fair chance:

The "Fair Visa, Fair Chance" campaign is spearheaded by the National Indian Students and Alumni Union (NISAU) in the UK.  

The goal of the campaign is to stop UK authorities from limiting the Graduate Visa route for international students. The campaign is trending on social media and is also garning support from international help groups.

The Graduate Route visa:

The Graduate Route Visa, which is currently under scrutiny by UK government, is a study visa program allowing international students graduating from UK universities to work in the UK for up to two years post their graduation.

The visa program has been highly successful since its inception in 2021, attracting thousands of international students, especially Indians, which have particularly benefited from this program.

The benefits of Graduate Route Visa:

Graduate Route Visa allows graduates to gain two years of work experience in the UK, making it more competitive with similar programs in Canada and Australia.  Canada currently offers a three-year work permit after graduation, while Australia allows for up to four years of work for international students.

Decreasing the duration of work permits would not only discourage gifted international students from studying in the UK, but it would also deprive universities of a vital talent pool and the financial contributions they make through tuition fees and other expenses.

The Current Situation:

In March 2024, the UK government launched a review of the Graduate Route Program. Home Secretary James Cleverly has tasked the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to complete the review by May 14, 2024, in the short deadline of just 10 weeks.

According to Home Secretary James Cleverly, the review will highlight whether the program is being used ethically or exploited. The review will also guarantee that it serves its intended goal of attracting exceptional talent and supporting the UK's higher education system.

Opponents of the Graduate Route visa also support the review by claiming that it foreign talent away jobs from UK citizens. However, studies suggest graduates route visa holders often fill skill gaps in the UK workforce, particularly in sectors experiencing shortages

The review is also initiated to keep a check on illegal immigration, since the Graduate Route visa allows international students to stay and work in the UK for two years, which creates a possibility that some students might use the visa as a backdoor to stay in the UK beyond the permitted duration or work without authorization.

Hence, UK government has begun a review. 

Review is a Cause of Worry for International Students:

The review by UK government has brought foreign students on edge. The review might result in possible policy changes, stringent regulations, shorten the work period, and even abolish the program entirely.

This could limit graduates' ability to find work in their chosen fields, disrupt their studies and career plans, and create financial strain.

The UK government's review is still ongoing. The campaign awaits the government's decision while continuing to raise awareness about the importance of the Graduate Route visa.

The Perspective of UK Universities:

UK universities are heavily dependent on international students. Graduate Route helped contribute over €60 billion to the UK economy between 2019/20 and 2023/24 adding more than 600,000 additional international enrollments in the same period.

This is a great boost to universities and for the UK economy.

The Current Outlook of UK Economy:

The UK economy presents a mixed picture in 2024. While some forecasts predict modest growth (around 0.7% - 0.9%), others indicate stagnation and even slight decline. The UK entered recession in the fourth quarter of 2023, following a 0.3% decline in GDP after a previous 0.1% contraction.

Amid this, foreign students have been a valuable source. This contribution was not only made financially, but also through increased spending and filling vital skill shortages in key sectors.


In conclusion, international students are a crucial part of UK’s education system and its overall economy. The review is necessary to bar illegal immigration and prevent policy abuse, but in doing so, the future of thousands of international students shall not be put at stake. 

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