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Medical and pathology assignment help

Medical and Pathology Assignments help students

Close your eyes and travel back to the year 2020, what do you see? Yes, the whole world is engulfed by the COVID-19 pandemic with millions of people being infected and thousands of them dying each day!

In such challenging times, it was the entire healthcare sector that stepped up to contain the spread of the virus and save numerous human lives. This also created a high demand for pathologists as the number of samples to be tested and diagnosed increased daily.

You must read these 6 topics

To help you decide if you should choose pathology as a career, this article covers the following topics:

  1. What is Pathology?

  2. Eligibility Criteria to Become a Pathologist

  3. Additional Skills Required for Pathology

  4. Who should not Pursue Pathology?

  5. Future Scope of Pathology

  6. Why Us?

                                       Medical and Pathology Assignments help for students

What is Pathology?

The branch of medicine that connects diseases with their causes with proper analysis and diagnosis is known as Pathology. Simply put, it provides you with the diagnosis of any illness that you may have by studying your blood, stool, urine or tissue samples.

Eligibility Criteria to Become a Pathologist

Becoming a Pathologist is a very challenging and difficult task that requires a lot of hard work and understanding of the field of medicine. 

The academic requirements needed to become a pathologist are:

  1. With a minimum percentage of 50%, you should have cleared 10+2 or an equivalent degree with physics, chemistry, and biology in the science stream.

  2. Graduation from a 4-year medical school, and

  3.  Residency in Pathology for 3 years.

Only after completing the above academics, you can become a Pathologist.

Additional Skills Required for Pathology

In addition to the academic criteria, a student of Pathology should also have the following skills that would make him a good Pathologist:

  • Good observation skills 

  • Attention to details

  • Strong analysis and interpretation skills

  • Ability to question and in return establish new findings

  • Good logical reasoning

  • Detailed knowledge of various fields of Medical Sciences including Physiology and Pathophysiology.

Who should not Pursue Pathology and why?

A pathologist has a very difficult life and has to go through a lot in his field of profession. A person who wants to pursue pathology should be able to:

  • Handle anxiety and high level of stress which arises due to increased quantity of work-load

  • Bear the smell and sight of blood and various other body parts

  • Disconnect themselves from their patients in order to not hinder the diagnostic process

In addition to this, a pathologist’s job is not a front-facing visible job. Therefore, for anyone who wants to be recognized and wants to be visible at the forefront of the medical industry, this is not a job for him.

Future Scope of Pathology for aspirants

Pathology and Medical Science is and will always be relevant industry in the world. With the increase of population and decrease of resources, a number of ailments have become prevalent in the world due to the lifestyle changes that have taken place over the years.

With the increase in the number of diseases that we have now ranged from COVID, Dengue to even heart attacks at an early age, the demand for pathologists has increased considerably. 

Following the increased demand for technicians to diagnose such ailments, the lab testing took a turn to become a commercial business with various laboratories offering door-to-door service of collecting samples and providing reports online.

With the influx of the number of patients, the need for technicians that understand the analytic and diagnostic process of diseases is on the rise and will continue to be in demand in the near future as per the current scenario of the world.

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Additional questions:

List the 4 types of pathology.

The 4 types of pathology that form the area of the primary specialities of pathology are:

  • Anatomic Pathology

  • Dermatopathology

  • Forensic Pathology

  • Laboratory Medicine.

List few topics that serve as the title for assignment and research programs for Pathology.

The topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Cancer Research

  • Infection & Immunity

  • Environmental Pathology

  • Research in the field of education

  • Neuroscience 

  • Mental Health

  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Health

  • Metabolic Disease



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