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Whether you have an urgent deadline or a few weeks, writing an academic essay is never an easy task. Research, writing, and editing may become a tedious job if you are not regular in class or have just moved to a new location. But with value assignment online assignment help school, you can request academic papers online with multiple writers assisting in your academic papers. You can rest easy knowing that our trusted, expert writers will create a high-quality and 100% plagiarism-free essay for you while you take care of the more exciting aspects of student life. Our team of professional academic paper writers are all legitimate native English speakers who will take your order seriously.

What is academic writing?

Academic writing communicates ideas, information, and research to the broader academic community. It can be divided into two types: student academic writing, which is used as an assessment at university, as well as in schools as preparation for university study; and specialist academic writing, which is writing intended for publication in an academic journal or book. Both types of academic writing (student and specialist) are expected to adhere to similar standards, which can be difficult for students to master.

Types of academic writing

Academics mostly write text for publication, such as journal articles, reports, books, and chapters in edited collections. The most common types of academic writing assignments are listed below for students.


A relatively short, self-contained argument, often using sources from the classroom, in response to a question provided by an instructor.

Research paper 

A more thorough investigation based on independent research, often in response to a question chosen by the student.

Thesis / dissertation

The sizeable final research project is usually undertaken at the end of the degree on a topic of the student's choice.

Research proposal

An outline of a potential dissertation topic and project plan.

Literature review

A critical synthesis of existing research on a topic is usually written to inform a new research approach.

Lab report

I am writing down a laboratory experiment's objectives, methods, results and conclusions.

Annotated bibliography 

A list of source references with a brief description or evaluation of each source.

Features of Academic Writing:

Following are the academic writing characteristics:

Complexity: Written language should be relatively more complex than spoken language. Written language is dense and contains various vocabularies. The presence of noun-base phrases is greater than that of verb-based phrases. The writing should be a short sentence with zero grammatical errors.

Precision: Facts, information, or reliable data must be in an academic text.

Formality: The tone of the text should be formal. Writers or students should also avoid sudden rhetoric or expression.

Objectivity: Academic writing has a learning objective. It's not personal. The main emphasis should be on the information or argument that the author is presenting in the text.

Organization and Planning: Organization and planning are essential before writing an academic paper. After thorough research, the author needs to illustrate his words systematically. Writing should be purposeful.

What is the purpose of academic writing?

Academic writing has many purposes, but the primary purpose is to provide information with a clear, appropriate and thoughtful image of that specific topic. There are many types of it. Each of them is written to provide for its specific purpose; For example, one type is used to explain the subject, the other is used only to describe, etc. Now, moving towards its overall objective, they are as follows:


When writing, you need to use more precise and authentic words. Some students use more ambiguous word combinations such as "many people said" or "once one person said", which is not considered accurate in academic writing. So one of its purposes is to provide correct and accurate information to the reader.


Daily, we use straightforward language in an obvious way. Still, when we write or read academic material, we notice that it contains complex words and languages that are difficult to understand. Therefore, in academic writing, we have to use more precise language that covers all points of view, including grammar, phrases, clauses, subordinates, qualifying adjectives, etc.


Students mainly write academic papers to give correct information. Therefore, you should avoid informal language when writing academically. The aim is to avoid using short forms and dialect words in your writing.

Fundamentals of Academic Writing

Distribution of a specific paper is possible only after detailed research. Research is done based on appropriate resources. The author needs to share his opinion in his way based on research. The author needs to understand these essential fundamentals to write a complete thesis.


Educational material is complex as it consists of a single paper with layers of arguments. However, writing long and odd words makes the content more powerful. But the strategy is not perfect. For example, a thesis statement can be complex, but the language should be clear.

Simplicity in words helps in expressing the arguments. Therefore, try to use noun-based phrases, adjectives, participles, and passive verbs when writing academic papers. Most importantly, try to avoid long sentences. Even the use of prepositional phrases poses a problem with writing clarity.


The author has his own opinion to share in an academic paper. But the author should put more emphasis on the thesis statement from his point of view.

The learning objective should be precise while writing an academic paper. For example, suppose the author is writing a graduate-level academic text; he needs to understand the opposing arguments while proving his point.


While writing an academic paper, the author needs to conduct in-depth research based on the topic. Afterwards, he should precisely write his research paper based on the resourceful information gathered. Finally, the author must have his data ready to substantiate the argument. But, one needs to use it properly to prove it. Then, after all the explanations of the arguments, the author needs to add the correct context to it.

Even Google can trick the author. So before referring, the resource must be collected from a reliable website. In academic papers, the source must be cited. There are three major citation types: APA, MLA, and Chicago. The author needs a comma and a capital letter depending on the rule of each style of reference.

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