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Assignment helps for Criminal Law online

Criminal law Assignment Help

The below research highlights the pointers that students will learn in criminal law for assignment help assigned by colleges. Our study aims to assist you in criminal law assignments.

System of law concerned with the punishment of individuals who commits a crime. As a consequence, where two individuals dispute their rights in a civil case than there is a criminal the prosecution which involves the government deciding whether to punish an individual for either an act or omission.

criminal law assignment help

How criminal law works in assignment help?

Presumption of Innocence- an individual is assumed to be innocent until the guilt can be proven. The burden is placed on the prosecution which must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of any charge they are accused of.

In order for the case to even come to trial, there must be a prima facie case to answer. Once the laws have been determined, the various different case laws are reviewed.

Principles of criminal law- in assignment help

  • Intent
  • Concurrence
  • Legality
  • Occurrence
  • Causation
  • Harm
  • Punishment

Criminal Law and the people

What is a violation of criminal law- violation is law is any act that fails to abide by the existing law. Punishment if someone violates a criminal law- when an individual violates a criminal law thy face prisons, fines, damages, and other unpleasant consequences.

Crimes identified under IPC- Obscenity, dowry death, acid attack, outraging modesty of women, rape and sexual assault, domestic violence.


S.NO. Particulars of loss or injury Minimum Limit of Compensation Maximum Limit of
1 Gang Rape Rs. 5 lakh Rs. 10 lakh
2 Rape Rs. 4 lakh Rs. 7 lakh
3 Grievous physical injury or
mental injury requiring
Rs. 1 lakh Rs. 2lakh
4 Victims of acid attack    
a). disfigurement of face Rs. 7 lakh Rs. 8 lakh
b). injury more than 50% Rs. 5 lakh Rs. 8 lakh
c). injury less than 50% Rs. 3 lakh Rs. 5 lakh
d). injury less than 20% Rs. 3 lakh Rs. 4 lakh

Statistics showing the rate of criminal law

Is criminal law considered a good career option for those who are pursuing courses in criminal law assignment help?

Criminal law itself defines that it is related to crime. Criminal law is a shining career for people who are passionate about solving criminal cases. A person who practices criminal law is known as a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer is specialized in the following areas such as cybercrime, violence against women, domestic violence, and rape and criminal trial as well.

Eligibility-To pursue criminal law you are just required to go for a master degree when are completed with LLB.

Time duration-Duration of this course of 1 year (LLM in Criminal Law).

As per the statistics, the crime rate is increasing in rapid growth. People are unaware of their rights. If we want to make a difference we have to start on our own by standing for our rights if someone is violating any of the criminal law without any doubt we have to file an FIR so that people who are violating the laws think twice before executing any crime.

Students are the future of the upcoming generation, criminal law is one of the most important subjects to study by the people who desire to help the people who are in need, serve the people above all. As they can work with victims of crime, solve crimes, and prevent crime in our community.

The subject of law attempts to study the legal interpretation of a given concept. The law defines the way you are expected to conduct in a given circumstance and the pros & cons in case of failure. Various laws govern the society from Civil Laws to criminal laws as per the terms defined in the constitution of a nation. Legal Method, Skills and Reasoning, Law in Practice, Constitutional and Administrative Law, English Legal Process, Principles of Criminal Law and Contract Law.

The concept of law has a varied definition as we move from one place to another concerning the socio-economic conditions.


Assignment helps for Criminal Law online Assignment Sample

Q2: Describe detail of criminal code? Detail please?

Answer: The criminal code refers to the document that accumulates all, or substantial amount and the specific criminal law’s authority.  The criminal code would comprise crimes that identified in t ...

Q3: Who is the prosecutor (the office not the person) ?

Answer: A prosecutor is a legal representative   of the prosecution in countries with either the common law adversarial system. The prosecution party is the legal party responsible for presenting th ...

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