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Civil law assignment help
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Civil law assignment help

Civil law or the Romano-Germanic legal system is a branch of law that originated in Europe and was later adopted by most part of the world. The primary source of civil law is made up of core principles that have been codified into a referable system.

What is civil law based on?

Civil law is followed in over 60% of the world and is categorically based on Roman law’s concepts, categories and rules. There is also the presence of some influence of the canon law in the formation of civil law.  

As civil law is related to the cases where an individual has been wronged, they are often modified or supplemented by local laws, customs or culture.

What are the types of civil law?

As civil law is a vast branch of law, it has many branches and types. The 4 most important types of civil law relating to:

  • Contracts

  • Property

  • Family relations

  • Wrongdoings of civil category which causes injury that is either physical or related to a property.

What are some examples of civil law?

Some of the examples of civil law are:

  • Defamation

  • Breach of contract

  • Negligence that results in any injury or death of an individual

  • Property damage

What is the difference between civil law and criminal law?

Civil law is the law that governs disputes between individuals or organizations or a fusion of the two and where the case is settled through compensation whereas criminal law deals with crime and criminal offenses where the cases are settled through legal punishment of the said criminal offenses.

As civil law is related to the public at large, it is the most sought-after field of a career in the world of today. 

In order to become a civil lawyer, it is important that you clear your law degree with high grades and good internship.

Generally, a high-level, good and reputed internship is offered to an individual who has scored well in his college terms as if compared between 2 candidates, it is obvious that the person with better grades would be preferred and therefore selected.

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