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Public law assignment help

Law can be divided into two categories namely public law and private law.

This article is focused on the aspect of the law that is public in nature.

Public law is also known as the public act or public statute is a branch of law that is concerned about various laws like constitutional law, administrative law, tax law, procedural law and criminal law.

What is the scope of public law? 

Public law has the following areas of scope:

  • It focuses on the government organization

  • It maintains the relationship between a state and its citizens

  • It enumerates and evaluates government officials’ responsibilities

  • It focuses on the relationship that is present between sister states.

What is the main purpose of public law?

The main purpose of public law is to set up rules in regards to the relationship that is present between a person and the society at large as well as the role of the different and various government levels.

What are the branches of public law?

The main branches of public law are:

  • Criminal law

  • Constitutional law

  • Administrative law

What is the importance of public law?

Public law generally deals with social problems and is believed to have been evolved through political practice in order to make sure that the public realm maintenance is continued as an autonomous entity.

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Public law assignment help Sample

Q1: Explain the meaning and nature of public law.

Answer: Public law is that part of the law, which governs the relationship between the state (government/government agencies) with its subject and between individuals directly related to society. According to ...

Q2: Explain the role of Judges in shaping Law.

Answer: Judges and advocates are known as safeguards of the law. They are the ones who have always maintained the dignity of the law. The word 'rule of law' is derived from the French phrase 'la p ...

Public bodies like central and local governments must follow the law. The type of law governing the conduct of public bodies is known as 'public law'. Public law must ensure that public bodies act lawfully, reasonably, fairly and in a manner consistent with the human rights of those affected by their actions.

Constitutional law It defines the structure of government, how its various branches function, how they are elected or appointed, and how authority and responsibilities are divided among them. Administrative law Administrative law is the body of law that regulates bureaucratic management practices and determines the authority of administrative officials.

Public law can be regarded as the body governing the relationship of private subjects (including individuals and artificial legal persons) with the state and its organs and the state and its organs (legislature, executive and judiciary).