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statutory law assignment help

Law is synonymous to a set of rules that are made by a controlling authority. These rules are legally binding and the breach of these rules can lead to consequences such as punishments and fines. The purpose of every law is to promote justice and to make sure that any kind of harm to individuals or property is prevented.

The accumulation of all the laws is collectively known as the statutory law.

What is statutory law?

Statutory law or statute law is that branch of law that is passed by a legislative body in the written form. The parliament makes a statutory law which may originate from national legislature, state legislature or even local municipalities.

What are the 3 categories of statutory law?

Statutory law appears under the legal order in the following different forms:

  • Written formal law

  • Law for the community

  • Non-public law

What are the components of statute laws?

Statute laws are basically made up of 2 components, namely:

  • Principle legislation (Acts)

  • Subordinate legislations (Approvals)

Can judges overrule statutory law?

The judges in the court of law have the power to overrule a legislation by exercising the powers vested in them if they believe that the law related to the case is incompatible in regards to the rights and freedoms guaranteed in relation to the human rights.

Otherwise, it is only through the act of the parliament that an existing law can be overridden or replaced or in some cases amended.

What are the two types of statutory law?

Statutory law is a vast subject of study as it comprises both criminal law as well as civil law. 

As per the questions addressed above, it is clear that a student wanting to pursue statutory law needs to understand and be well versed with the sections of both criminal and civil law in the future.

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statutory law assignment help Sample

Q1: What is statutory law, and what is its purpose?  

Answer: Laws are rules passed by a controlling authority that have binding legal force and, if not followed, lead to penalties. Their goal is to promote justice and prevent harm. When all the laws are taken t ...

Q2: How do courts interpret statutory law?

Answer: When courts begin to understand a law, they begin by looking at the simple language of the law. If the law is sharp and well-defined, the courts draw closer to the point that the law means what it say ...

Q3: Who can make statutory laws?

Answer: Statutory legislation can be made at all levels of government; it can come from the state, federal and even local governments. A government can make a law applicable within its jurisdiction and at low ...

Statutory laws are laws established by legislatures and written down, or codified, in law books. Federal laws are found in the United States Code, while state laws are in their respective codebooks.

While classifying the types of statutes, it is observed that statutes include several aspects, such as consolidated, provisional, codified, penal, and remedial statutes. Law is generally classified based on method, time, duration and application. When the object classifies the law, it includes declaratory, codified, remedial, and revising law.

Common law is defined as the law developed based on precedent decisions by judges. Statutory laws are written laws passed by the legislature and government of a country and accepted by society.