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Common law is a branch of law that arises as a precedent and is mostly created as a written opinion by judges and quasi-judicial tribunals. The common law, also known as jurisprudence, is based on the interpretations and institutionalized judgements that the court and the jury take.

Common law also helps to lead an unusual case to its closure and influence its judgment when the decision can not be reached based on the existing statutes or written law.

What is common law?

Common law represents past decisions made by courts, which become binding precedents. The idea of ​​having common law is to standardize the interpretation of statutes and prevent courts from repeatedly going over facts that are essentially the same. In addition, common law decisions are important because they deal with the ambiguity of certain single statutes and resolve conflicts between statutes.

A common law decision is made when a statute is unclear. This becomes the binding precedent for all similar cases in the future. However, this binding precedent can be set aside by a High Court decision, which will become binding precedent for all future cases. The process continues until a similar case is decided by the Supreme Court of a country, making the precedent binding.

However, if the government rejects the Supreme Court's decision, it can introduce a new statute that supersedes the existing common law because the statutes dominate the common law.

common law assignment help

What is an example of common law?

The circumstances surrounding individual cases are different. However, in common law, decisions are made based on the essential elements on which the first decision was based. A judge's decision must be explained in writing. In future cases, notwithstanding the different circumstances, the judge will seek the essential elements that make a case similar to a previous common law case.

Civil/codified laws and systems clearly define and outline which cases can and cannot be brought to court and the legal process for handling all claims and punishments for each offence. Courts use the Civil Code to evaluate the facts of individual cases and make decisions. Civil law is upgraded regularly.

On the other hand, common law is nurtured by the interpretations and institutional considerations of the court officials. The precedents presented by the judge for a given case significantly affect the criteria used by the jury to decide the case. The traditions and customs of the land also influence common law judgment, which can lead to undue empowerment and marginalization of particular groups unless a higher judicial body eliminates precedent. However, civil law and common law are similar in that their main goal is to establish consistency in decisions by applying similar standards of interpretation.

What is common law vs civil law?

Unlike common law, civil law is a set of legal statutes established and arranged by legislators. The civil law system details what types of cases can be brought to court, how each claim is handled, the court process, and the scope of punishment for each crime.

Civil law is frequently updated to deal with cases that may not fit into the current legislature. Standardization focuses on establishing a fair system and avoiding applying the laws differently on a case-by-case basis.

However, civil law has some drawbacks: If an established statute does not relate to a case, the court has less authority to take action. In addition, a judge in a civil law court does not rely as much on judicial precedent. As a result, they can interpret the statute less predictably than a judge in common law court.

The resolution of cases with institutional interpretations and opinions by public juries and other judicial officers defines common law. Common law also aims to regulate how courts handle crimes and create an interpretation standard. Louisiana, whose courts practice French civil law, is the only state that practices common law in the United States.

What are the types of common law?

Common law is generally divided into 2 types:

  • General common law – created for events where no existing common law precedent is present.
  • Interstitial common law – temporary laws used for the existing statutes’ interpretation.

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