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The subject of law attempts to study the legal interpretation of a given concept. The law defines the way you are expected to conduct in a given circumstance and the pros & cons in case of failure. Various laws govern the society from Civil Laws to criminal laws as per the terms defined in the constitution of a nation. Legal Method, Skills and Reasoning, Law in Practice, Constitutional and Administrative Law, English Legal Process, Principles of Criminal Law and Contract Law.

The concept of law has a varied definition as we move from one place to another concerning the socio-economic conditions.

Discuss about the Common Law and the Individual Employment Relationship?

Online Assignment help for common law Sample

Q2: Discuss about the Contemporary Nature Of The Relationship Between Common Law And Equity.

Answer: The issue in this case was related with the determination as to which entity was required to bear the cost of fraud. The facts of this case are the finance company has rented out purchased equipments ...

Q3: Discuss About The Provided In The Common Law Or The Grounds? 

Answer: According to common law, in case of negligence, there also exist a liability, which is called the vicarious liability.  Vicarious liability means the imposition of liability on the person for the ...

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