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Law of the human services assignment help

Law for human services is a course of study which broadens the horizons of children in relation to the law of a state as any law is directly related to the human factor of that state. This course enables students to understand law as a basis that it relates to providing and delivering services in both the private sector and the public sector of a state and that any law is related to human services and their betterment.

The students studying the course of law for human services often raise many questions. Some of the questions along with their answer that a student might ask are:

What are the health-related laws?

The health of a human being is of utmost importance to any state or country; therefore, it is important to have in place some laws that are present to make sure that no human being suffers from neglect in terms of health-related issues.

Therefore, some of the health-related laws are:

  • Universal health care

  • Sin tax

  • Reproductive health

  • National health insurance

  • Graphic health warnings

What are the legal issues in human services?

Legal issues that often arise in human service and whose knowledge and understanding each human service worker should have are: 

  • Confidentiality

  • Privileged communication

  • Privacy

  • Due process

  • Informed consent

What are some examples of human services?

 Some examples of human services include but are not limited to:

  • Access to medicine

  • Shelter assistance

  • Insurance assistance

  • Child welfare services

  • Elderly as well as aging services

  • Crime as well as abuse assistance

  • Food and clothing assistance

What are some human service issues?

Some issues that arise in human services include but are not limited to:

  • Low-income families

  • Individuals specially the children and elderly facing risk of abuse and neglect

  • Children who are part of the child welfare system

  • Refugees

  • Immigrants

What is the purpose of human services?

The sole purpose of providing human services is to make sure that the individuals and communities are together working in an effective and harmonious way in the major domains of living.

What type of services do human service workers provide?

Services provided by human service workers include but are not limited to:

  • Helping individuals to find and achieve stability

  • Providing individuals with basic human needs of food and shelter

  • Providing individuals with guidance and counseling

  • Helping individuals with the treatment of substance abuse

  • Promoting self-sufficiency among individuals

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Law of the human services assignment help Sample

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