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Building & Construction

The Emergency Care and Emergency Network, such as Barking and Dagenham, Red Bridge
System Resilience Group Vanguard and Havening, comprises of a local medical commissioning
group, GP federations, acute hospital trust, NELFT-which offers emotional health and
community programs together with the council in London. The study that we will discuss is
about the project of digital platforms.
Scope of the Project
Options of Come in - This option is for the patients who can go to the Emergency Medical Unit,
which is known as 'Come in Option'.
Call Button – It is the service for receiving advice from the experts.
Click Button – This button is a digital supporting mechanism that helps the patients in booking
the appointments in case of emergencies.
Hence, there is an assurance for the booking of services.

Initiation Phase
The initial phase of the project aims to determine and approve the plan of the digital platform.
Many sources have been used to provide the initial project description, such as:
Business Cases –
For successfully executing this project, the project leader helps in setting up a project
management team with online platforms for performing the necessary project specifics with the
project scope that is described above.
Statement of Work for the Project –
An ambitious project outlined by the Vanguard application makes it convenient for local people
to obtain assistance whenever they need it.
Contractual Agreement –
This will be done with the help of IT experts who will be responsible for the creation of the
digital platform for patient care.
The project leader prepares a project document after gathering information on the details of the
project. It helps to get the approval of the materials and other specifications for the beginning of
the project.

It will include necessary information such as:
Aims and objectives -
The Barking and Dagenham, Red Bridge System, and Hovering have the vision of making the
healthcare accessible to the patients with the help of digitalization. It is done with the help of a
digital platform that helps in acknowledging and recognizing the information of the patients,
which provides the proper personalized care.
Schedule of the milestone, Work breakdown Structure and Budget –
An estimate of £5.000.000, will also include the design and implementation costs of the Virtual
Framework and the provision of training to staff. There is 75 staff who has been appointed for
departmental training for over six months.
Work Breakdown Structure

Budget and Milestone Summary

Details of the Authority and Sponsors of the project
The sponsors of the project are the urgency networks and emergency care units. The authority for
the project is going to be Barking and Dagenham, Red Bridge System Resilience Group
Vanguard and Havening, which consists of the native clinical commissioning group, GP
Federations, NELFT, and Acute Hospitals Trust.
The stakeholder analysis will be conducted before the beginning of the project for getting along
with the organization and its people who are connected to it, indirectly or directly to the success
of the project.
Planning Stage
The primary purpose of this step of the planning system is to evaluate the methods, techniques,
and strategies which will be followed for the successful completion of the project. It consists of
two stages, namely, implementation and strategic planning. The policy and overall performance
of the project are designed during the process of strategic planning, and the specifics of the
application are planned during the implementation planning phase. The planning stage of the
project consists of envisioning it as a personal agenda and the steps taken to achieve it. Just like
the initiation of a project which involves the beginning of a mission that the project wants to
accomplish. Planning the strategy includes the decision on the approach which will encourage
reaching the project agenda while planning the strategy. The final stage is the implementation
planning of the plan by defining the specific details that are needed to be completed for the

Three methodologies for the Digital platform project
Waterfall Model - A Traditional Methodology
It is the most basic form of software design and development, which includes the use of methods
that have been used for a long time now. It involves life cycle development and timeline
designing. However, the model cannot resolve difficulties in terms of the new segment of
software development. The project is carried out step-by-step in the waterfall project
management methodology. It involves the completion of a project in a progressive manner
assuring the timely delivery to the customer. The plan shall be made instantly and implemented
more linearly, assuming no change.

It is a specific form of de facto procedure which is used by the Government of the United
Kingdom but mostly is used by the private sector. Seven processes have been described in Prince
2 to be intertwined, namely:
 Project initiation (IP)
 Project controlling (CS)
 Stage boundary management (SB)
 Project starting up (SU)
 Project direction (DP)
 Product delivery management (MP)
 Project closure (CP)

It is a technique used in the project to suggest different principles and procedures that enhance
the performance of the service. This is one of the most popular methodologies used for designing
code as it consists of basic modelling and a structure that helps in ringing the theories into action.
 There is a lack of a definite date of execution in the scrum technique, which leads to the
delay of completion of the project.
 Here is a lot of requirement for individual commitment and cooperation; as it can lead to
a failure of the project.
 It is tough to use scrum technology in a larger team.
 Employee experience is required to make the digital framework a successful one.
 The team members get irritated at times with daily meetings.
 If a project leader quits at any given point of time during the project, it may have a
significant negative impact on the project.
 The team's workers must undergo a very rigorous check process to maintain performance.

Sprints generally refer to the division of the process of development into two cycles of 2-4 weeks
in which the regular short meeting is known as Scrum. These meetings are held to update the
day-to-day work done on the project for its progress. After the sprint is over, a review on the
sprint meeting is owned by the owner of the product who passes the definition of done (DOD).
Evaluation of all the Methodologies
 There is room for the design and management of departmentalization projects in the
waterfall approach. Each stage does have its deadline, and the creation of the product
may be completed in phases. The various measures include the principle of the product,
the layout, execution, and testing of the product on real grounds, installation,
troubleshooting and maintenance of the operation.
 However, there's not much scope for correction in the waterfall methodology, as it is
tough to change things in the application when it reaches the test stage. Any alteration
during the project will require a lot of assessment and determination to pass through the
limited range of revision of this model.
 However, the main benefit of this scrum methodology is to improve the communications
system within an institution with better team spirit and to pace up the overall
development. Mostly, this framework consists of terminologies such as sprints, backlogs,
and scrums. This strategy formally promotes the use of a bridge-functional team that is
fewer in number with a limit of nine people to take care of problematic items that have
been given priority by the owner of the company.
 Whereas in Prince2, (Projects in Controlled Environments) is a technique used for active
project management that is process-based. The key benefit of this methodology is a
decision-based timeline, risk and cost factors.
 The issue with this methodology, however, is ignorance of the human factor that is
essential for patient care.
Chosen Methodology
The waterfall technique is used in situations because it fulfils the ideal requirements.
 The Virtual Framework for Improved Patient Care project has specific and set criteria
that are fulfilled by this methodology.
 There is no uncertainty in the requirements during the development of the project.
 The company has also been able to maintain a certain level of confidence with the
customer to fully trust the performance of the company while producing the service.
 The availability of IT experts on the project does not restrict resources.
 Because it is a project of short duration.
 The project management team can understand technology exceptionally well; hence, this
methodology can be used as a good option.
Execution Stage
The planning phase of the project consists of different tasks, and the main objective of the
execution of the project is to describe these tasks. It generally includes the maximum money,

social confidence and time during the overall completion of the project, and most of the action
takes place during the implementation of the project.
Closure Stage
Essentially, this is the closing step of the plan. This includes several leading practices, such as:
 Verifying the fulfilment of the criteria for completion.
 I am preparing the completion report for the closure of the project.
 Collection of the artefacts for project archive.
 I am conducting a detailed and in-depth review of the project.
From above, we can conclude that the project leader must organize all operations that take place
during the management of the digital platform project. It will include the tracking of the
development of each activity and changes made in it as per the detailed requirements. It is also
recognized as the monitoring and control of project activities.

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