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Financial accounting assignment help

What is Financial accounting?

Financial accounting is that branch of accounting that deals with providing all the areas of the business with accounting reports and analysis. It is of two types – cash accounting and accrual accounting.

Financial accounting is summarized in the form of financial statements that relate to the 5 functions of accounting and financial data namely revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equity.

Where revenue and expenses get reported in the income statement, assets, liabilities, and equity are reflected in the balance sheets.

For a student to pursue financial accounting, an understanding of the basic rules of accounting becomes very important. It is also important for the student to have the knowledge of the treatment that various adjustments need in the statement of accounts.

financial accounting assignment help

In addition to this, only the knowledge of such subject matter is not enough for the students as they also need to have the ability to apply them in business scenarios. 

Therefore, application, as well as knowledge of financial accounts, is imperative to pursue the course of financial accounting.

Understanding each aspect of financial accounting requires a huge amount of time, effort, and passion for the subject. 

Why Need Financial Accounting?

A student has a number of subjects when pursuing a degree and each subject requires time and effort on the part of the student. 

If a student puts in all their time in financial accounting or any other subject, chances are high that their other subjects would suffer. This might lead to non-submission of assignments or non-availability of time to study for examinations.

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You can think of VAH as a platform that acts like your tuition teacher. As tuition teachers, we also aim for the success and betterment of our users. We make sure that they achieve the highest grade in their assignments.

This is done by providing you with assignment help online that is quality-driven, unique, professional, and relevant to your subject matter. We ensure that the assignments made meet your specifications as well as expectations and are delivered to you within the deadline with multiple revisions. 

In terms of the subject of Financial Accounting, our team brainstormed together and has come up with some question-answers that are relevant and basic to the subject. These question-answers are answered in brief and throw a light upon the various aspects of Financial Accounting.

These questions are as follows:

What is the main role of Financial Accounting?

The main role of financial accounting includes producing:

  • Financial statements for the general purpose,

  • Information relevant to the business for decision-making,

  • Information relevant to the business for planning their strategies,

  • Information relevant to the business for performance evaluation,

  • Financial statements that help the business to meet its regulatory requirements.

What are the types of financial statements?

Financial statements can be of the following types:

  • Balance sheet,

  • Income statement,

  • Cash flow statement,

  • Statement of the shareholder’s equity,

  • Notes to financial statements.

What are the advantages of financial accounting?

The advantages of financial accounting include but are not limited to:

  • It helps to maintain business records.

  • It helps in the preparation of the financial statements.

  • It helps in comparing various results.

  • It helps in decision-making.

  • It serves as evidence in case of legal matters.

  • It provides the required information to all the related parties.

  • It helps in matters of taxation.

  • It provides assistance in business valuation.

  • It helps in the replacement of memory.

What are the disadvantages of financial accounting?

The disadvantages of financial accounting include but are not restricted to:

  • It expresses all the accounting information in monetary terms only,

  • The accounting information that is provided is mostly based on estimates,

  • There may be a bias in the accounting information that is provided,

  • Fixed assets are recorded at the original cost only,

  • It is possible to manipulate the accounts,

  • The measurement unit used in accounts, that is money, may change in their value.

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