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Accounting Assignment sample

Accounting Assignment writing services : Accounting is the process of identification, measurement, analysis, interpretation and communication of information that assists executives in fulfilling business objectives. It helps the organization to perform its functions, including planning, staffing, direction and control. In other words, we can say that accounting provides financial and economic information for managers and internal users that it is called accounting management. 

A valuable definition of accounting: the institute of the Charted accountant of England defines that Accounting enables the business to conduct more effectively. 

Characteristics of Accounting: 

 Accounting assignment-writing services is a selective nature technique. It does not use the whole provided financial records data. It selects and picks up only the information from different financial records and also records of loss and profit account or balance sheet. These data are useful and relevant to management to arrive at essential decisions on various business aspects. 

 Accounting assignment writing service is always concerned with the future. It collects and analyzes data to plan future. 

 The primary function of accounting is to decide the future course of action, with the help of different techniques and formats the future direction of work. 

 Accounting makes available useful information which helps the management in planning and decision-making. It can only provide information but cannot proscribe. It is up to management to what extent it. It can make use of the data depending upon its efficiency and wisdom.

 Accounting assignment-writing services creates a relation between cause and effects. Financial accounting does and analyzes the responsible cause of for-profit and losses. It attempts to study the cause and effect relationship by analyzing the different variables affecting profits and business profitability.

Functions of Accounting: Assignment writing services

  •  Provide data
  •  Modifies data
  •  Communication
  •  Analyze and interpret data
  •  Serve as the mean of communicating
  •  Facilitates control
  •  Uses qualitative information
  •  To assist in planning
  •  To assist in organizing
  •  Assist in Motivation
  •  Decision making
  •  Assist in to coordinate
  •  Assist in to control 

Objectives of Accounting Assignment writing services : the primary purpose of accounting management is to enable the management to maximize profit and minimize loss. Objectives: 

  •  Information use 
  •  Planning and policy formulation 
  •  Decision making
  •  Motivating
  •  Coordinating operations 
  •  Reporting 
  •  Help in the organization
  • Tools for accounting management: 
  •  Financial planning 
  •  Budgetary control
  •  Marginal costing
  •  Historical cost accounting 
  •  Decision accounting 
  •  Standard costing
  •  Analysis of Financial statement
  •  Revaluation accounting 
  •  Control accounting 
  •  Management information system 
  •  Ratio accounting 

 Statically techniques Roles of accounting management in the decision-making process in any organization: The objective of the decision-making process is to maximize profit through the use of the alternative method. It helps in deciding financial relations. It uses accounting data to solve various management problems. 

Every organization has to decide at the right time. Accounting management plays an essential role in the decision-making process of any company.

Role of accounting management: 

  •  Efficient planning
  •  Increase efficiency to business operations
  •  Efficient control
  •  Increase labour efficiency
  •  Achieve management efficiency
  •  Communicating 
  •  Help management function

Scope of accounting management: the main aim of accounting to help management in its functions of planning, controlling and directing. 

The scope of accounting management is so broad it includes it folds analysis of all the aspects of modern accounting which based on the common dominator of functions of both accounting and management for making a practical decision based appropriate information. 


  •  Financial accounting
  •  Cost accounting
  •  Budgeting forecast
  •  Data processing 
  •  Internal Auditing
  •  Tax reporting
  •  Financial Analysis
  •  Inventory control 
  •  Accounting revaluation
  •  Statistical methods 
  •  Taxation
  •  Interim reports 
  •  Office services

 Other services Now the difference between Accounting management and financial accounting assignment writing services :

Financial accounting and accounting management are interred- related where accounting draws out a significant part of the information from financial accounting and modifies the same for the use of managerial discussion and decisions. 

 Financial accounting ensures the liabilities and assets of the business are correctly accounted and provide investors, shareholders, tax authority and creditors etc. 

Accounting provides information for the manager use that is responsible for making proper decisions within an organization.

While financial accounting is concerned with day to day recording of business transactions, both commercial and accounting management relies on the same financial data. Now the difference between cost accounting and accounting management: Both of these are important branches of accounting. 

Cost accounting and Accounting management both involve the presentation of accounting information in a manner that facilitates prudent planning, correct decision – making and effective controlling of day to day operations. 

It goes without saying both Cost accounting and accounting management overlap in some functioning areas. The cost accounting concepts are freely used in accounting management.

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