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Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentive Essay Topics That will blow your Mind

Assigned and puzzled with multiple Argumentative Essays? Coming up with an essay topic can be the most challenging part of the process. In high school days, students encountered various topics of Argumentive Essay writing for the very first time. Students are introduced to essay writing in their early school days. In the beginning, the essay writing looks simple. However, once you reach the college and university level, you are scored as per the rubric parameters assigned for the essay task. Understanding, control over language, original content, research, creativity, and analytical factors used for the essay is the only solution to complete the same before deadlines.

Value assignment with years of experience has scripted the article to cover strategies to choose a topic and strengthen your argument. Ultimately the goal is to convince your reader.

Argumentative Essay by Value assignment

What is an Argumentive Essay?

An argumentative essay is a part of writing that takes a stance on an issue. In an excellent argumentative essay, a writer tries to convince readers to understand and support their point of view about a topic by expressing their argument and providing evidence.

Argumentative essay writing is a typical assignment for high school and college students. Generally, Argumentative Essay Topics are related to politics, science, technology and health care.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Different Levels

Sometimes you may find yourself arguing over things you don't believe. That's fine - you don't have to whole-heartedly believe what you're arguing to make a compelling argument.

However, if you have a free choice of topic, it's a good idea to choose something you feel strongly about. An excellent argumentative essay has two major components: a strong stance and a classification of the evidence. If you're interested and feel passionate about the topic you choose, you'll have an easier time finding evidence to support it, but it's the most crucial evidence.

Argumentative Essay Topics for high school

  • Is digital technology a good thing for kids?
  • Is Celebrity Culture Good or Bad and Why?
  • Is there a pay gap between men and women?
  • Should countries engage in military conflicts around the world?
  • Is global warming an issue, and how?
  • Will artificial intelligence help the world or hurt it?
  • Is migration good for America, and in what way?
  • Should citizens have the right to own guns?
  • Should sexual minorities have their public bathrooms?
  • Is traditional public education out of date and ready for a radical change?

Argumentative Essay Topics for college

  • Are men and women equally emotional?
  • Are printed books better than e-readers?
  • Do you think the drinking age should be reduced?
  • Are parents responsible for childhood obesity?
  • Do you think college should be free?
  • Do you think beauty standards should be more inclusive?
  • Are all college majors equally required?
  • Is social media harmful to children?
  • Has technology changed our definition of magic?
  • Is it worth exploring space?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Kids in Elementary School

The following topics are perfect for elementary school students.

  • Should there be commercials in children’s programs?
  • Does homework help kids learn?
  • Should school go year-round?
  • How can school be more suitable for kids from different backgrounds?
  • Do schools treat boys and girls the same way?
  • Should parents limit screen time?
  • Should school begin before eight o’clock in the morning?
  • Should kids be able to vote in national elections?
  • Is it better to read fiction or nonfiction?
  • Is it suitable for kids to have distance learning or be in school?

Argumentative Essay Topics for middle school

  • Do you think middle school students have jobs like babysitting or mowing the lawn?
  • Are beauty pageants a good idea?
  • Are violent video games bad?
  • Do you think parents are capable of saying whether kids can colour their hair?
  • Do you believe that social media does more harm than good?
  • Do Middle School Students Have Too Much Homework?
  • Do you believe that homework helps children learn?
  • Do you think teachers get paid more?
  • Is life more challenging for your parents or your generation?
  • Why is your favourite music artist better than anyone else?

How to start an argumentative essay

Your introductory paragraph should be built around your thesis statement, providing the background information needed to understand your argument and presenting the pieces of evidence that support that argument.

Start with an Attractive Hook

Follow up with an interesting fact or figure, a quote, a personal anecdote, or a suggestive question. Your first sentence should attract the reader and get them interested in the topic you are writing about.

Provide some background and context

What is the situation? What are the circumstances that lead you to your argument? Why should people care? Give enough background on the topic so that the reader can understand your reasoning - no more, no less.

State your thesis

The background should transition smoothly to your main logic.

Present your evidence

The keyword is "introduction". State the main points that support your argument and end it there. Leave the actual logic and analysis for the primary paragraph.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay: The Writing Procedure

Argumentative essays follow the same suggested writing process as other types of writing. Here's a brief overview of how to adapt the procedure for argumentative essays:

1. Brainstorming: If your reasoning is not provided in the assignment, take some time to think of a good thesis based on our guidelines above.

2. Preparation: This step is to collect all the evidence for your essay and write an outline. Because evidence is key to argumentative essays, set aside enough time to research until you have all the support you need. This is also a good time to outline your essay, answering questions such as when and how to discuss opposing viewpoints.

3. Drafting: Compose a rough draft of your essay. It allows to include any data and direct quotes early on, especially with argumentative essays that often cite external sources.

4. Revision: Polish your rough draft, optimise word selection, and rearrange your arguments if essential. Make sure your language is precise and appropriate to the reader, and double-check that you've made all of your points and rebuttals effectively.

5. Proofreading: Look at your draft and focus exclusively on correcting mistakes. If you don't have confidence in your grammar skills or pronunciation, use Grammarly.

Although optional, it always helps to take a fresh look at your essays before finalising them. Then, see if your reasoning is enough to convince your friends!

How to choose an argumentative essay topic?

Have you ever read something that had a dull topic? No?

Well! That's because if something fails to attract you the first time, you never make an effort to find out about it.

The significance of picking the right topic for your assignment is undoubtedly great. The topic of the essay is the first thing that comes to a reader. So it should be engaging enough to catch their eye and interest.

Only an interesting topic will prompt your readers to read what you have drafted in the material. Similarly, an argumentative essay needs to be impressive and persuasive and a compelling topic.

If you have been assigned an argumentative essay, follow the steps below to choose a good essay topic.

1. Brainstorm Ideas

The first step in picking the right topic for your essay is to think of different ideas. Brainstorm ideas or topics that you find attractive or reflect your passion. You can write good content only on the topic which you find interesting.

You can also get good ideas from your daily life, books, TV, current affairs, social issues etc. Whatever topic you choose, make sure you own it and try to develop the best content to prove it.

2. Identify the Audience

Decide who you are writing your argumentative essay for. The audience of your essay can also support your decision on the topic. For example, if you write your paper for fellow students. You can write about social media, technological advancements, movies and anything that affects them.

So choose the topic according to the audience. If your audience is just your instructor, choose a topic accordingly.

3. Choose a Debatable Topic

You may be interested in many things, but not every idea is worth drafting an essay. Also, not every idea will let you draft an exciting piece of an essay.

An argumentative paper needs a reasoned topic to be persuasive. If the topic is not debatable, the author will not be able to provide strong supporting evidence. Therefore the author should choose the subject of debate.

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